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Tupac Shakur And Curtis Jackson Essay

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Many Americans don't see the uglier side of the U.S. Most people don't see the events that take place behind the music. When comparing Tupac and 50 Cent, one can see the flaws of American society. Both Tupac and 50 Cent come from a history of violence and drugs. They both had to make something out of what they had which was very little. They realized that if you want to achieve then you have to dream, and do whatever it takes you to achieve that dream. They had the ambition very few others had. Curtis Jackson (50 Cent) came from nothing and had to start providing for himself when he was twelve years old. Tupac had to watch his mother get locked away and he put himself through a performing arts school when he was only seventeen. Tupac made everyone want to become a gangster rapper after his first album went platinum. Teens across America thought they could pick up a bandanna, claim their allegiance to a gang and start rapping about drugs, death, and murder. He created the gangster image for the 90’s era of teens. Curtis Jackson showed that you can come from nothing and make something of yourself. He started selling drugs when he was 12 just so he could buy himself new shoes. If that doesn't show you ambition I don't know what does. They knew that if you wanted to be something in this life, you’re going to have to work for it and do everything you can to make sure you achieve that dream. in reality, the both of them were only trying to achieve the American dream of becoming rich and successful in the land of opportunity. When comparing Tupac and Curtis Jackson, one can see the flaws of American Society.
Assaults, robberies, shootings, they all surrounded Tupac Shakur in the dangerous lifestyle he chose. Tupac was originally born and raised in Harlem, New York. His parents were members of the civil rights group called The Black Panthers. He never knew his father but grew up very close to his mother. At age seventeen he was enrolled at one of the best performing arts schools on the east coast. By age 19 he was in his first motion picture called “Juicy”. By age 21 he had been in two more movies, one with Janet Jackson. Around the age of 22 he moved to the west coast with his mother. He lived in Compton and he started picking up the gangster lifestyle. He met a man named Eazy E and they began a rapping career together. Nothing big just some shows here and there. But before he knew it he was growing more and more popular. People started knowing his name. But with the life he chose, along came consequences of the gangster life. “Its the game of life, do I win or lose?” Tupac is trying to say that life is a stage, and you have to do whatever you need to do to come out on top. On November 30, 1994, the day before his trial for a sexual assault case, he was robbed and shot 5 times in the lobby at Quad Studios (Huffington Post). He believed the robbery was a setup because they left all of his jewelry including his Rolex watch. He accused Sean Combs and...

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