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Turbine Essay

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There are many cons of wind power. The wind is inconsistent, unsteady and unpredictable.Wind power is not cheap and like many energy sources, rely on government subsidies to remain competitive.Wind farms are generally located in rural areas that might be otherwise picturesque. They are considered by some people to be an eyesore.Some people complain of noise from the turbines.Wildlife impact. Not only birds, but bats have experienced fatalities.Localized impact on night-time temperatures and weather.(Siegel,RP)

With every con there are always pros and wind energy is no execption. Its a Clean energy, no fuel to drill, frack, mine, transport or burn,renewable and sustainable.Costs are relatively low and continue to decrease,abundant domestic supply.The power is essentially free once the infrastructure is paid for.Low life cycle carbon footprint. It can be used almost anywhere.(Siegel,Rp)

Wind energy isn't the only thing with pros and cons Solar power has them too.Solar panels give off no pollution, the only pollution produced as a result of solar panels is the manufacturing of these devices in factories, transportation of the goods, and installation.The production of energy from the use of fossil and some renewable fuels (e.g. wind turbines) can be noisy, yet solar energy produces electricity very quietly.One of the great pros of solar energy is the ability to harness electricity in remote locations that are not linked to a national grid. A prime example of this is in space, where satellites are powered by high efficiency solar cells.The installation of solar panels in remote locations is usually much more cost effective than laying the required high voltage wires.(Bratley,James)

There are cons too.The major con of solar energy is the initial cost of solar cells. Currently, prices of highly efficient solar cells can be above $1000, and some households may need more than one. This makes the initial installation of solar panels very costly.Solar energy is only able to generate electricity during daylight hours. This means for around half of each day, solar panels are not producing energy for your home.The weather can affect the efficiency of solar cells.(Bratley,James)

Hydroelectric turbine have pros also.Existing hydroelectric plant can produce electricity at a cost of $0.0035/kWh or between $0.015/kWh to $0.08/kWh for new construction.Hydroelectric power uses water as its fuel, which puts no harmful emissions or chemicals in the air or water.
Hydroelectric power is generated by moving water, which takes advantage of the constant flow of water in rivers and other waterways.
Impoundment plants can add recreational opportunities to area communities by offering a calmer body of water, which could be used for a combination of activities such as fishing, boating and swimming. (Hydroelectric:Pros & Cons)

There are cons to Hydroelctric turbines too.Low water levels and droughts can negatively impact the amount of...

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