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Turbulence In Politics And Government: Absolute Monarchy

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Human ambitions contrast the notion of social harmony, as evident in historical examples of absolute monarchy. Tyrants led onslaughts on denizens, fueled simply by their will to power. Entire demographics have suffered for the sake of elite luxuries. In order to maintain such privileges, the elite must silence sceptics. Such abuse of absolute power led to new concepts of power structures, which ultimately led to the development of modern democracy. Such examples include the power struggle of the English and French monarchy, and the independence of the United States.
During the rule of Charles I, his decision to outright ignore the Parliament turned him into a controversial figure. Moreover, ...view middle of the document...

During this time, Charles I had to end wars, enforce obscure or outdated conventions, and support arguably illegal methods of taxation in order to maintain finances without Parliamentary consent1. Yet, despite the lack of Parliamentary involvement, Charles I maintained as a prosperous figure during the eleven years, mostly due to the isolation of England and avoidance of the continuous Thirty Years War. However, the turbulence of Charles I’s reign began when he intervened in religious conventions, particularly silencing the Puritans, and attempting to enforce High Anglican church policies against Scottish religious conducts2. Following revolts in Scotland, the Scottish forces attacked England and Charles I was ultimately forced to summon the Parliament in order to pay for his army. This summoning, after the revolts, led to more domestic matter than led to the English Civil Wars.3
In the next century, Englands’ long-standing nemesis, France, endured similar issues. In order to maintain or increase their lavish lifestyles, the royalty, such as Louis XIV and XV, imposed heavy taxes on commoners2. Their incredibly arrogant and selfish personalities led France into debt, which burdened Louis XVI in the late 1780s. At a time of economic crises, and whilst maintaining luxuries for aristocrats and the church, the royalty attempted to impose incredibly high taxes on the already overtaxed commoners of France1. The aristocracy, church, and spokespersons for the commoners met in the Estate General to discuss the economic crisis and possible solutions. To the dismay of the commoners, their rights were ignored, and after having their demands to greater power rejected, the commoners rebelled in the streets. With the abolishment of the aristocracy with the revolution, Louis XVI signed a democratic constitution with emphasis on equality among classes. In fear of domestic revolutions, the monarchs of foreign countries invaded France in order to restore the French monarchy2. As such, the bloody war led to the execution of the French king, as well as other royalties and aristocrats. The National Assembly, formed by the commoners (referred to the third state), was led by corrupt revolutionaries who were in power within the new French government. Overturning full democracy in order to maintain power, a vicious cycle that led to the power of Napoleon...

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