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Turkey’s Accession To The Eu: Enlargement Fatigue Or A Special Case?

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Turkey's accession to the EU: Enlargement Fatigue or a Special Case?Term Paper for "Introduction to European and International Affairs"Winter Semester 2013/14Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Atila Eralp & Prof. Dr. Wolfgang WesselsTugcem CengizMaster of Arts in European and International AffairsStudent-No. 1381011106Table of Contents1. Introduction 12. Relationship between Turkey and the European Union 23. The Term: Enlargement Fatigue 54. Why does Turkey want to become a Member of the European Union? 75. Arguments and Counterarguments 115.1 Arguments For the Accession of Turkey 115.2 Arguments Against the Accession of Turkey 136. Conclusion 157. Bibliography 161. IntroductionSince nearly 50 years, Turkey tries to become a Member of the European Community, which emerged in 1958 as the European Economic Community (EEC) and is now known as the European Union (EU). During this timeframe, the EU developed from 6 Member States (Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Luxembourg and Netherlands) to 28 Member States in 2013. Most of these Member States had a relatively short application process compared to Turkey and this fact makes the relationship between Turkey and the EU so special and unique (Kramer and Reinkowski 2008: 154).This Essay deals with the relations of Turkey towards the EU and especially with the accession negotiations which started in 2005 and have not been concluded yet. It is really interesting to see that the negotiations are going extremely slowly and that the last few years did not really give any progress. Therefore, this essay will analyze if the negotiations are only a result of "enlargement fatigue" of the EU, which had the eastward expansion between 2004 and 2007 or if there are any given reasons for rejecting the membership of Turkey to the EU. Accordingly, my Research Question will be: Are the extremely slowly Accession Negotiations for a Turkish Membership a Result of a tired and saturated European Union or is Turkey a Special Case? The first part of this essay contains facts about the Turkish-European relationship in history and nowadays. The following chapter explains the term "Enlargement Fatigue", which is often used in context of the quick expansion of the EU during the last years. The fourth chapter will contain details about the desire of Turkey to enter the EU. Which advantages will be given if they can enter? Afterwards, an overview of the European perspective to the Accession is given, which will examine pro and contra of a Membership. This last chapter concentrates on the special and unusual Situation between the EU and Turkey. Finally, the conclusion is made by giving an answer to our research question, which was mentioned earlier.2. Relationship between Turkey and the European UnionBasically, the relation between Turkey and Europe is even older than their names. The identity of Europe comes from the Greco-Roman era, which took place in the Mediterranean Region and today´s Turkish ground. Even the Iliad and the Odyssey...

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