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Turkish Greek Accessions To Nato Essay

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This paper in details aims to analyze the Turkish and Greek accessions into NATO on a critical basis. Although it might seem insufficient that Greece is not given too much emphasis in the research, it is more important to clearly see what it cost Turkey to enter NATO in order to understand what the same accession actually has granted Greece so far.Turkish & Greek Accessions into NATOFollowing the end of the Second World War, signed Great Britain, France, The Netherlands, and Luxembourg the Treaty of Bruxelles on 17 March 1948 so as to build a defense pact among each other, which later that year in September created the Western Union Defense Organization, in an environment where the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) and the United States of America (USA) were in great ideological opposition and military rivalry. The very next year, the parties of the Bruxelles Treaty, the USA, Canada, Italy, Denmark, Norway, Portugal, and Island gathered in Washington D.C. to sign the North Atlantic Treaty in 1949, April 4 (came into force on 24 August 1949). Currently having 19 member states, NATO admitted Turkey and Greece as members into the Organization on 18 February 1952 issuing a protocol on October 22, 1951 whose preamble states:"The Parties to the North Atlantic Treaty, signed at Washington on April 4, 1949 being satisfied that the security of the North Atlantic area will be enhanced by the accession of the Kingdom of Greece and the Republic of Turkey to that Treaty…"Before coming back to this statement, it is first of all needed to mark the politico-military reasons of Turkish will to access into NATO.When it was time for the USSR and Turkey to renew the 1925 Treaty of Friendship, the USSR had demands from Turkey which put Turkey in a vulnerable position. Turkey vehemently opposed such demands, and requested the USA to talk on behalf of Turkey with the USSR, a demand which was opposed this time by the USA.Despite the fact that politicians in Turkey of the time claim that such a vulnerability of Turkey was the principle reason of accession into NATO, it is quite ostensible to see at this point that since the end of the Second World War, Turkey made decisions per se in its foreign policy and was thus still able to survive even when vis-à-vis the Soviets. In other words, it was not as commonly supposed that Turkey faced the difficulties of the time via the military, technical and diplomatic support of the USA.The second incentive for Turkey was to modernize its military and thus reach a medium through which it could defend its country in times of distress. Had we taken a look at the history of international relations, we could easily come to acknowledge the classical saying: "There are no eternal friendships in international relations, but only eternal interests". None of the facts that had so long taken place in international relations can undermine this statement. Through the military helps of the United States, Turkey...

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