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Turn Of The Screw: A Cigar Is Just A Cigar

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Ambiguity by definition is an attribute of any concept, idea, and statement or claims whose meaning, intention or interpretation cannot be definitively resolved according to the rules of or process consisting of a finite number of steps. And ambiguity in plays can make the reader think in ways never thought possible, the many different meanings and outcomes. Similar to Sigmund Freud and his dream theory of not everything in a dream has relevance, cigar in a dream could mean a falase or it could be just a cigar. Henry James, Author of Turn of the Screw doesn’t play that game of a cigar is just a cigar, just look at his ending it shows both the Governess and little boy Miles sitting in the Bly estate one dead the other alive. This isn’t your average tale you have to go back pick through, a try to make sense of it all; from the multiple perspectives of the narrator, Henry James, and the talk of the Governess. In essence ambiguity plays a major role in the novella, Turn of the Screw; it shows there are many different aspects of the story, a story with in a story that leads the reader to a cliffhanger that makes us go WTF. Turn of the screw, although a great story ends abruptly, with the death of Miles, did the Governess kill the boy, did the ghost finally appear, or did the boy die of excitement? All valid questions that we don’t truly know the answers to, unless we go back in through the novella and pick apart everything that Henry James wrote, and even going into the unknown narrator of the story.
In the 1898 novella, Turn of the Screw by Henry James, the story revolves around many events, sightings and even individuals; I personally believe that four things play a major role in the novella Turn of the Screw: the author, The Narrator, Mrs. Grose and the Governess. All three are completely separate entities of ambiguity. The narrator is completely unaware of Mr. Henry who is writing the story, and starts off the Governesses story after a child cries out, and our unknown narrator is introduced. Sleazy like a used car salesman, our narrator presumably Douglas entices the party either his guests or another’s; "Nobody but me, till now, has ever heard. It's quite too horrible."[1] Drawing in his guest like a moth to a flame, just when you think he is about to tell the tale of the governess, "I can't begin. I shall have to send to...

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