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Student's NameInstructor's nameCourseDate"Racial Paranoia"The reality of racism has been an urgent problem for Americans for centuries and it still is. However, the views of people change with time as well as their culture, beliefs and preferences. In the 5th chapter of his book entitled "Peter Piper Picked Peppers, but Humpty Dumpty Got Pushed", Jackson followed the liaisons of the racial issues with hip-hop spirituality that was common for his environment and life in Brooklyn at the end of the 20th century till the beginning of the 21st century. In such a way, the mixture of autobiographic narration with historical facts written in a conversational style with numerous colloquialisms emphasizes the close connection between the young people's aspirations and popular music that reflects the timeliest issues of their lives and asks the question if the hip-hoppers focus on racial prejudices nowadays is paranoid or "healthy".In his first-person narration, the author as a representative of the hip-hop's first youth generation refers to 1970s and 80s spent in Brooklyn, New York. In the very beginning of his story, he emphasized a number of hip-hop songs about black men and women familiar to his contemporaries. The passionate listeners of MC Lyre, Big Daddy Klane, Heavy D, UTFO memorized many of the songs that had their unique terminology and even esoteric philosophy based on the belief that the whites were genetically engineered by a black scientist. Referring to this theory, Jackson also marks out the Five Percent Nation as the hip-hop fans, who could be marked out as the representatives with their special beliefs in the sanctity of the black Americans. In such a way, the young people followed the new spiritual teaching taught through hip-hop lyrics along with their "daily mathematics".The knowledge of self and revealing the truth to all Americans was defined as the true goal of hip-hop of the Five Percenters. According to the author, who can also be marked as the representative of this youth flow, a new true art reflected in the "conscious rap" was the basis of the songs. Anyway, these songs were obviously pro-black as well as the theory about the celestial origin of the African Americans. As a result, Jackson marked out that the role of such rap groups like X-Clan, A Tribe Called Quest and Jungle Brothers was not just signing or...

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