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Turnaround Of Apple Company. Steve Jobs And His New Products. Are They Really Revolutionary And The Best ?

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The aim of this report is to show, that there are some successful products in the IT market without major technical advantages over similar products from competition. It means that their Net Buyer Benefit is not based on performance, but on design and life style. My research will also prove, that individuals with vision in this branch can be more successful then well educated, good managers. Apple Company is a great example of company that has built their position on the market thanks to well prepared marketing strategy and "the Rock Star" in a position of CEO.Apple Company was a very successful firm from its beginning in late 70's to the middle of 80's. Then was the time, when its co-founder, a man with vision but without school left the company from Cupertino. After him, in a position of CEO, there were hired well educated and successful managers from other multinational companies like Pepsico or National Semiconductor. Under their control, the company started to fail in many business area, and in the middle of 90's the Apple Company was on the edge of bankruptcy. Then the board decided to hire the man that thinks different. In 1997 Steve Jobs returned to Apple and the company started to change. Now it is all different then 10 years ago.2.RETURN OF THE MASTERThe line of information technology has new-an old leader. It is not outgoing on the old age pension Bill Gates with Microsoft, eccentric Larry Ellison with Oracle whether even child prodigies of IT branch, Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, hypnotize users with the individuality. The jackpot assembles Steve Jobs. Today, Apple recovered the former glory, its shares are a splendid investment, and new inventions each time conquer the market. About no product from the competition there was so loud as about iPhone - the telephone "invented again". Now, Apple is a driving force of the branch.The Jobs return in 1997 on the position of CEO caused that the firm which lost 700 millions dollars a year, within few months glanced off the bottom. Today, Apple is worth over 135 milliards dollars, with yearly revenue around 20 milliards dollars, and the interest in its shares is so large that regularly makes them split. For comparison - Dell, the second greatest producer of personal computers, had in 2006 55,9 milliards of incomes, and is nonetheless worth "only" 62 milliards of dollars. Apple has also an impressive growth rate - in the second term 2007 the firm sold 1,5 millions of computers (36 percent more than a year ago) and 10,5 millions of iPods (24 percent more than a year ago). 36% increase in sales is three times quicker tempo than the market average. Lets add that data about incomes do not take into account profits from the new Apple's hit - iPhone, which from June this year sold already above 1 million of pieces. In the announcement for stockholders Jobs writes: "I am very pleasant to announce that this is the most remunerative term in Apple's history. We had revenues around 5,41...

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