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The crowded hallway, the smelly cafeteria, the boring english classroom. Everywhere I look there’s some couple making out or touching like no one’s watching. Little do they know, everyone around them is staring. PDA (Public Display of Affection) is a serious problem to a lot of students, while it is not so bothersome to others. It is nice to see a pair of students who love each other so much they want to share it with the rest of the world, but they really overdo it. Although there are rules against this problem, I believe they need to be implemented to cut down on PDA.
Generally, public displays of affection cause many people to feel awkward and out of place. I remember walking down the hallway once and being in that incredibly uncomfortable position in front of a couple who were all over each other. It’s not that easy to just clear your throat and say “excuse me,” because sometimes they don’t hear you which just makes it more awkward. One article I highly agree with says, “On average, students agree that it is understandable that couples might want to express their love towards each other, but everything has a limit. Once a couple starts making people around them feel uncomfortable, it is not a good sign. Anything is acceptable in moderation; we need to keep in mind that our behaviors change depending on the setting.” Basically, students don’t like to be in a situation that makes them feel out of place or like they are interrupting. Although the two people who are “in love” may think it causes no harm, students do actually feel uncomfortable about PDA.
Simultaneously, PDA causes all students involved to become distracted from their school work. The people actually displaying affection draw unwanted attention and it seems that others can’t concentrate while those two are over making out. Also, the couple only focuses on their significant other, while they should be paying attention to their classes. I can’t say how many times I have seen students late for class because they spent a little too long kissing at their lockers. It disgusts me to witness these events in which students think their relationship is more important than their education. My favorite article about the subject agrees with me, saying, “Personally, it makes me cringe to see couples making out in the hallways. It is rude and inconsiderate...

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