Turning Points, The Wiemar Republic And Hitler.

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From a perception of time, a major league baseball season is only eight months in duration; however, somewhere in the course of that season a team reaches specific moments where they're decisions will determine the outcome of their desired goal. The same pattern can be applied to nations of the world, except the moments that they face do not lead to World Championships; they decide not only the fate of the people inhabiting a particular land, but also that of their neighbors. Whether it be a game in June or one in September, it is possible to pick out certain sections of a season and point out how those segments led to the outcome of a term. These parts are referred to as turning points and they play a big part in the duration of a baseball season. The same can be said when discussing nations. Whether it is 1800 or 1900, one is able to identify instances that drastically shaped the outcome of a people. This can be illustrated when looking at German history during the periods of 1871, 1890, and 1929. It will be occurrences in these years that can be recognized as turning points during a tumultuous season for team Germany.The first turning point occurs in 1871 with the Franco/Prussian war. This event was crucial because its outcome led to the establishment of the German empire under the leadership of Wilhelm I as well as empires foreman, Otto Von Bismarck. In order to completely understand this even and its implications, it is important to comprehend2the situation in the German region prior to the event. It was surely a time of monarchs, and it was Frederick The Great that put Prussia on the map. Frederick would set in motion a trend that was stapled into German leadership; he had to make Prussia militarily powerful due to its global position as Prussia was forever surrounded by great powers. He would succeed in his endeavors, but he would rule as an icon of political paternalism. This led to an authoritarian form of government that made Frederick and his apparatus (military) a father type figure. This is crucial because Bismarck would continue this tradition, where regions of the empire were like strong fathers that looked over its children (citizens) in return for their obedience.Combining political paternalism with a failed revolution in 1848 allowed the concept of democracy to be alien to the German people. The empire, after all, didn't come from the people, but from political strategy put together by Bismarck. It would prove crucial for Bismarck to establish a united German state because he needed to assure the dominance of Prussia. He succeeded in doing so through shrewd strategic brilliance. Bismarck knew that before he turned his attention to the people, it was necessary to give them something to flock towards. His opportunity arose when Kaiser Wilhelm I was vacationing in 1870 at Elm at the same time as a French ambassador; the ambassador asked for Wilhelm's assurance concerning the chosen monarch of Spain. Wilhelm telegraphed Bismarck...

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