Tutorial On Pete Keneally & Jimmy Brereton In "The Riders" By Tim Wintons

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Good morning /afternoon Miss Martin and fellow class students. Tim Wintons novel "The Riders" is a very deatailed novel about being a father and being a husband. The protangonist, Mr fred scully, more commonly known as Scully encounter and overcomes his main dissapointment of losing his beloved wife, Jennifer. Jennifer runs away from this family leaving scully and his daughter, billy, behind together.One of the techniques which made this novel so detailed and sucessful is the interacting between scully and other characters. This talk will be concentrated on the minor characters Peter Keneally and Jimmy Bererton.Peter Keneally, more known as Pete-the Post is the local postman around the area which Scully is living in Ireland. Scully meets Peter on the 3rd day of his arrival when peter was delivering a telegram from jennifer to scully. Peter keneally is a character whom has commitment to family and has a good working morals which even scully thinks of, on page 28 "the man cound work?"Peter has no children but has a brother whom has been constantly drunk in past few years. Peter is the first person which scully encounters when he arrived in Ireland and from then on peter has become a good friend of scully, bringing him his telegrams, having a social chat and helping scully with his home. (34).Since the first greeting between peter and scully, peter has schown great enthusiasm to help scully recondition his home on page 24. This even meant putting off his daily post. "Haven't you got the post to do? Diversity, Mr Sculy thats my motto."Peter Keneally is one of the characters which help reveal scully, his family and general detail of his wife to the readers. For example on page 16, we see the nationality of scully revealed. "Youre the Australian then." and on page 29, the name of scully's wife, jennifer, is...

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