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Tv Advert You Love Or Loathe

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TV Advert you love or loathe
Do you love or loathe Dole bananas.
Have you ever seen something which was so unusual yet awe inspiring that it’s imprinted inside your hippocampus that you have dreams of telling your future grandkids about it? I remember that fateful day of July the 28st 2012, the year the Mayans were wrong about predicting the world was going to end. It was a beginning to another boring Saturday. I was in my room watching your typical YouTube videos on my computer since I’d had nothing interesting to do…
After browsing through a few funny cat videos and a baker’s dozen of people prank each other, I’d eventually begin to watch a video called “Japanese Banana Commercial”. I ...view middle of the document...

He definitely needs a raise.
His Spiderman like “spidey sense” alerts him to a young woman who is sat on a bench in her 20s crying in his vicinity. The lady stops crying and turns toward him. Brace yourself. He then places one hand on his nostril and blows releasing a decent amount of bananas. Her depressing mood fades and he flaps his hand and floats away. Talk about a climatic finish. I can’t help wondering if she threw those bananas away and went out and bought some fresh ones. I wouldn’t eat those. Would you?
Hear me out, in my humblest opinion I think that this may be one of the best adverts ever made because, of three main reasons:
Quite simply it’s simple; most advertisements nowadays are loud, obnoxious and headache inducing, trying to be revolutionary such as “Go compare” but, I’ll rather not go into that. I guess most adverts are starting to become like this however, at least Dole man relates to what he is selling, looking at you, car commercials. The average child in America watches over 40,000 television commercials in a year, or over 100 a day and a staggering 90% of successful adverts are...

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