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Tv Advertisements And Entertainment Essay

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Are TV advertisements considered to be for the sake of entertainment or is it educational? “Have a break, have a Kit Kat chunky”, this itself is considered teasing, and it would also be enough to answer the above question, as it suggests having a break with a Kit Kat chocolate while being entertained by the upcoming commercials. TV ads does not show the real image about what are the products essential for, it may deceive society due to how advertisement fantasies their products. Besides, entertaining the viewers to make them interested in a particular product is an effective manner. There are not much information shown in the advertisement as it rely on the image of adventure as well as the ...view middle of the document...

Moreover, they star celebrities to promote their products to make it even more interesting for the viewers, rather than educating society about the value or uses of the merchandises shown in the advertisement. “Another common device used to engage our attention is old but still effective: the use of famous or notorious personalities as product spokespeople or models”, (O’Neill, 1977, p. 302). On the other hand, car advertisement focuses on the speed and unreal stunts that are shown to people worldwide. For instance, an advertisement which is called Jean Claude Van Dam Volvo split; it shows that the celebrity can perform a 180 degree split between two Volvo trucks for the sake of trying to show that the truck is stable on the road. However, this is for the sake of entertainment and as a result several people may get the wrong image and try to portray what they saw in the advertisement in real life. Other TV advertisement about soft drinks and so called energy drinks like Pepsi or Red bull show people that whoever drinks such products will have an adventure, while these soft drinks cause health problems related to obesity, blood pressure and long term health issues. According to researchers at the University of Liverpool in 2011, children who spend time on TV’s unhealthy food advertisements are more interested in high-fat and high-sugar meals.
TV advertisements play with people’s emotions and so people most of the time is being manipulated by those commercials that they watch during movies and sport shows. In addition, they cut the movies or the TV shows in a very interesting part so that the viewers don’t go away, then they start to flow their ads, knowing that their cinematic commercials gain them customers. Moreover, they only aim to achieve entertainment rather than education in their ads, thus we see celebrities shining on TV screens singing and drinking Pepsi colas, acting while driving Ferraris, but no one holding a book to promote a topic. “Advertisements-no matter how...

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