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Tv Commercial's Impact On Global Cultural Values In Malaysia

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TV Commercials Influence on Global and Local Cultural Values based on New Paradigms in Research Methodology

This is a study about TV commercials and how it plays a role in influencing the global and local cultural values of a society. The purpose of this study is to identify the type of values that TV commercials in Malaysia portrayed, whether it is individualism, which usually associated to Western cultural values, or collectivism which are an East cultural values, and also to find out does it manage to influence Malaysians in our cultural values.
In this study, we will be able to identify certain commercials that portraying two different values, and maybe we will be able to look at the impact of those commercials towards Malaysian. There are also few studies that are related to this study, which I will be explaining more later and the methodology that I might be using for my research.
“fragmenting of America”- a period when economic, social and technological trends are prompting Americans to emphasize their differences rather than nurture their similarities.

Advertising is intent on turning our values toward our differences and carrying pride in those differences instead of our similarities as human beings. Advertising has reduced our culture to materialistic hopes and dreams instead of the morals that mankind has treasured since the dawn of his existence. The intrusiveness of weaving advertising into our private lives has established a strong foothold and is affecting our cultural values

People may be frightened and oppose it, but I believe as long as we have a materialistic consumer market in the form that we do now advertising will always be rampant and will exhibit our cultural values as well as shape them into values that would benefit such corporations.

Most international companies would prefer to use global branding and marketed their product virtually the same way everywhere. A global brand is one that has the same name, design, and creative strategy everywhere in the world and is marketed in most regional bloc (North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia-Pacific) (Mohd Helmi & Mohd Nizam, 2005). The product that is almost always used as an example of a global brand is Coca-Cola, Apple, Mercedes-Benz. Because of they are considered as global trademark, the standardization of advertising has become too common to the world market. The premise holds that companies should operate as if there were only one global market. Differences among nations and cultures were not only diminishing but should be ignored altogether because people throughout the world are motivated by the same desires and wants. Furthermore, businesses will be more efficient if they plan for a global market. In other words, see the world market as one. This is where the controversy begins. Critics began to argue that the standardization...

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