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Tv Content Analysis

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Name of Show: Spartacus (Blood and Sand)
Title of Episode: “The Red Serpent”
V Chip Rating: TV- MAN
Network: STARZ
Air Time: 54:16
Summary Of Story Line: In 73 B.C, a Thracian nameless Warrior and his fellow fighters align themselves and make a deal with a Roman legatus Gaius Glaber. They agree to leave their home to fight for Rome in return for their enemies the Getae Marauders to be killed and for their Homeland to be protected. Concern sets in within the men when the Romans and its allies make plans to move forward to another area leaving the Thracian's homes, wives and children unprotected from the Getae Marauders. The Nameless Thracian leads a rebellion against the Roman Officers and flees towards home to see his loving wife Sura one last time. He arrives just in time as the Getae attack his village and he manages to kill a few and escape with Sura. The next day they are picked up by Gaius Glaber and Sura is sold into slavery, the thracian is sent to Capua to be executed in the gladiator ring along side the other deserters. He manages to defeat four of the gladiators and is given a new name, Spartacus.

# Of Instances
Fuck: 8
Mostly used to describe the character of Romans by the Thracian's
Thracian's feelings towards the Roman Legatus Gaius
Used to express

Cock: 2
Thracians thoughts on the Roman Legatus Gauis and his army
They are chosen to be scouts for the Romans

Shit: 7
Used to express feelings towards the Romans

Cunt: 3
Gaius describes Spartacus wife
Thracian fellow soldier describes Romans X2

Pussy: 1
Thracian solider tells Spartacus this is the reason he wants to return to his wife
They beat eachother

Assholes: 2
Batiatius describes fellow Roman business competitor Solonius
Solonius is invited by the Senator
Kiss: 4
Spartacus kisses Sura in comfort to ease her mind about his bid to war
Viva Kisses Gaius in his tent
Spartacus kisses his wife for the last time before they are beaten
Viva welcomes Gaius with a passionate kiss in Capua
Sex three time's in the series

Indecent Exposure: 4
Sura's breast showing
Viva's naked body including vagina as she attempts to seduce husband Gaius
Sura's naked body and breast
Performers in the Senators house bathing and having sex openly within the party
All Exposure had Sex scenes in it
Violence: 17

Many scenes with Gladiators in the arena
War in the mountains
Spartacus saving his wife from rape
Talks of war and death

Over 8 scenes had images of death, Blood and Gore
Graphic body of dismemberment
Many conversations of abuse and longing to hurt someone else

Drug Use
Wine: 3
Thracian steals wine from Legatus Gaius
Viva smuggles wine from Rome for her husband
Wine is served at the house party held but the Senator

I have been a huge fan of the Spartacus series since it started back late in 2010. This series has
a lot of graphic violence which takes up the most important moments of the series. There are a lot of ...

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