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Tv Is Bad For You Essay

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A boy sits at home waiting for his big brother to come home from school. He hears the door shut and a backpack fall to the ground. The boy looks at the clock and sees that it’s around 3:20, so his older brother should be home from school by now. The boy goes into the living room where he sees his brother’s eyes fixated on the TV. The boy asks his brother if he wanted to play some catch outside, “No thanks, I’m fine.” What was odd was that his older brother loved to play catch with him. “How about we shoot some hoops?” His brother replies, “No, maybe some other time.” As he says this his little brother notices that his eyes are glued to the TV screen. Is television so addictive that it makes everything else look unattractive? According to author Marie Winn television is considered a “plug-in drug.” Although watching excessive television is not as serious as drugs or alcohol in the sense of the lethalness to the human body, TV can have many effects in and of itself. According to various authors, television has made our reality seem nothing more than second best and make children become more violent.

First, one can say that television has made everyday reality seem nothing more than second best. Out in the “real world” emotions such as anxiety, hopelessness, stress, and countless others consume our minds. Who would want to constantly be surrounded by any of those problems? For example, let’s say you just came home from a hard day of work, so why not flip the television on and not worry about any of those problems? Winn states that, “The television experience allows the participant to blot out the real world and enter into a pleasurable and passive mental state” (Winn 21). For some people in modern society life without a television is less than complete. Winn says that the television will soon lead to the addiction of it because it becomes a part of one’s life, and soon the real world is too boring to live in all the time. Winn observes a heavy television viewer who is also a college English instructor, and what she finds out is that for some people television is just plain irresistible. When the TV is on they cannot ignore it let alone turn it off (Winn, Television Addiction). What Dana Stevens points out ever so clearly is that “watching TV makes you want to watch even more TV” (Stevens 232). Over time the viewer gets so addicted that they put off all other tasks and feel that they can live a less careless lifestyle.

On the same note, Rita Dove writer of the short story Loose Ends agrees with Marie Winn by saying that, “Its not that we confuse television with reality. But that we prefer it to reality, the manageable struggle resolved in twenty-six minutes” (Dove 99). People like to see the climax, stress, and the problem be solved in a short period of time. Dove says that television is an easier tale to tell; her daughter can recite a television program better than how her day at school was (Dove 99). The world is an ugly place and...

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