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Online Supplemental Television Production Module Design Document By Mark C. Clauburg Instructional Design Dr. Douglas Harvey March 6, 2001 In October of 2000, the video production program of the Freehold Regional High School District received an invitation from the CNN Student Bureau to join its organization. CNNSB, a subsidiary of the major cable news network, is a national student-based program that gives high schools and colleges an opportunity to produce high quality video reports and news packages. The business of news gathering, reporting, and production requires the interplay of team members working together on the various stages of story development. The goal of CNNSB is to aid in providing students with the strategies and technologies for producing news for television. Therefore, the goal of a proposed online supplemental curriculum is to provide students with direct access to the techniques necessary in the production of a CNN-worthy news package.Goal Statement Given a television production studio, control room, and crew members, students will demonstrate knowledge of all roles of a TV production as evidence by creating a news show and individual news segment that are of cable television quality.Needs Evaluation In order to measure the relevance of an online supplemental curriculum aimed at improving the skills of video students, I conducted a needs analysis. The information was collected in survey form from respected individuals with experience levels that range from intermediate to expert. The results of the survey indicate strongly that an online module for students would be an effective mode of increasing student knowledge and performance in a television studio. The collected information indicated several problem areas that students encounter during television productions. A recurring problem seemed to be preparation and knowing the roles of the production studio. Other areas of weakness include the most important aspects of producing: camera work, audio tech, lighting, scripting, and on-camera talent. Each of the professionals surveyed concluded that giving students an online reference to classroom materials would take advantage of Internet technologies that make communication. Possible solutions mentioned by those surveyed included downloadable materials, messages boards, and even live chats to share experiences. The goal of limiting common student mistakes during television productions is worth attaining. If not attained, students will not achieve acceptance from CNNSB as producers of cable-worthy packages and may be declined by local public access channels.Objectives/Tasks I. Given a blank treatment form, student will be able to write a preproduction treatment for a news segment that scores all 3s and 4s on CNNSB's assessment guidelines.1. Brainstorm ideas for a CNNSB segment 2. Get a pencil and a treatment form 3. Fill in appropriate blanks a. Fill in your name...

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