Tv's Negative Impact On Children In The Usa

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Education comes in many ways such as books, television, magazines, and advertising. Furthermore, education for children is very important. It is widely believed that television viewing has a negative impact on school achievement. A conclusion that television had no major effects was difficult to support, since the review also reported that little research had been conducted on several issues, such as the influence of entertainment television on children’s academically relevant knowledge. Early exposure to age appropriate programs that are specifically made for education are associated with cognitive development and academic achievement, whereas exposing a child to pure entertainment can lead to behavior problems, poor cognitive development, and lower academic achievement. Scholars agree that through television and books, that the media impacts children in a negative manner by not being truthful and changing behaviors.
Many authors use logos to represent their belief of the effects of media on education, behavior, and gender roles of children. In the article Television as Teacher, written by Neil Postman, he discusses the affects of television learning on children. The main example he uses is Sesame Street, how it teaches and what it teaches children. Postman states, “Its use of cute puppets, celebrities, catchy tunes, and rapid-fire editing was certain to give pleasure to children and would therefore serve as adequate preparation for their entry to a fun-loving culture” (422). “We now know that Sesame Street undermines what the traditional idea of schooling represents” (Postman 422). The producers of Sesame Street used research and over 1,000 studies and experiments to create the show and test its impact on the young viewers’ learning. In 1970 and 1971 a study was done on the effects of Sesame Street on young viewers, the outcome showed positive effects on young viewers’ learning, school readiness, and social skills. In 1974, early tests were conducted on the show by researcher Gerald S. Lesser, which suggested that Sesame Street was making strides towards teaching what it had set out to teach. In the article “Lies My Children’s Books Taught Me: History Meets Popular Culture in the American Girl Books” by Daniel Hade talks about the American Girl dolls and the books that are wrote for each doll describing the life of that doll. The books are to give young girls an understanding of where the doll came from and to give the girls a sense of who they are. These dolls catch young girls eyes because they are pretty and the young girls want to be like the dolls. “The American Girls Collection was created to give girls an understanding of their past and a sense of pride in the traditions they share with girls of yesterday” (Hade 566). “The book misses an opportunity to provide contemporary American girls with a real connection to the past—how and why family names were often changed after immigration to the United States. Instead, the...

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