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I strongly believe that my family should participate in TV-turn off week for many reasons. First, it will be interesting to discover other activities to do instead of watching TV. It is possible that we may discover something that is very enjoyable that had not previously been discovered. We may even continue to explore these interests beyond TV-turn off week.

The Cold War was a very tense period of time that involved many complicated situations. A large majority of those situations could have been avoided if some nations had more changes within their governments. Change allows for new ideas to be shared and be put in use. Change is important because it can affect the state of a country, that country’s international relations, and it can even affect the world. A lesson that can be learned from the Cold War is that change can be a good thing.

A significant positive change that allowed America to explore new frontiers was the accomplishment of putting a man on the moon. The Space Race was a competition between the Soviet Union and the United States to be the first to put a man on the moon. In the attempt to beat the Soviet Union to space, America developed many new technologies that have enabled us to do many things that we couldn’t do before. The United States won the space race when Apollo 11 landed on the moon in 1969. America, “committed the funding necessary to win the race and, amid the unhappiness of the Vietnam War era, gave the nation a badly needed uplift,” (Veve). The United States benefited from winning the Space Race in two main ways. First, the change of having a man on the moon got the American people very excited because it was an important milestone when it came to defeating the Soviet Union. For a long time before this, putting a man on the moon seemed impossible, but now American citizens were excited by the psychological uplift of winning the Space Race. The second reason why it was such a positive change was because Americans had developed so much new technology that it could be applied to other aspects of everyday life. The new technology helped America to propel forward in the arms race as well. The rocket launching technology developed during the Space Race was applied to missile launching. Also, airplane and aeronautic technology made many advancements during the Space Race. When the technology to propel a rocket into space was developed, airplane technology was opened to a new field of advancement. Airplanes could now go faster and higher. The lesson that can be learned from this instance is that when one breakthrough is made in technology it can be applied to other things in similar ways. Future and present leaders can apply this to their own thinking, because if for example NASA landed a man on Mars, the technology that was developed to do that could be applied to something like establishing more efficient oil tanks in airplanes; allowing for longer, faster flights. That is why...

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