Tv Violence And It's Effecvt On Children

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TV Violence and the V-ChipAmerica has the highest crime rate in the world. Along with that crimerate is also the substantially high violence rate. Why is violencebecoming and everyday event in our society? When you flip on the"tele" and tune into the news, the highlight of every show is somehow directlyrelated or connected to violence. We see it every evening and perhaps say "Ohmy gosh, how terrible." and then forget all about it two minutes later. Orperhaps we don't even make any comments at all, just a simple grunt or"..huh..". This numbness to violence is very scary and very real. Why is itthen that America has the most crime and violence. Why not Switzerland orAustralia. Are we not as civilized and advanced as they? I believe it is thisnumbness to violence that has made America so violent.When I think back to my childhood and remember television I rememberwatching such programs as "Sesame Street", "Mr. Rogers", and "Scooby - Doo". Ihave nothing but pleasant memories filled with happiness, peace, understanding,and learning. When you watch children's programs today you see senselessviolence often as the first means of solving a problem. The classic view of"good" versus "evil" is the basis of these shows with violence as the answer.When children watch these programs they copy the actions and "morals" of theseshows depicting "good" and "evil". Children do not know what "good" is or what"evil" is, how can they? This world is not broken into "good" and "evil"."Evil" to children is what opposes them, what does not agree with them, or anyother person or thing that poses a possible difficulty. Children must be taughtthat there are differences in this world. This world is filled with many peopleholding different beliefs, ideas, and morals. That is what makes this worldso unique and colorful. Children need to learn to respect these differences froma very young age. They need to learn to talk out and solve any disagreements orproblems through other means than violence. They must not "know" violence as ananswer, as if violence was never even an option to consider in solving aproblem.I recently became aware of the problem of violence in children when Istarted observing small children at play at my apartment complex. I had knownone small child in particular when he was just learning to speak. I had watchedhim and talked with him for several years and noticed nothing "violent" noraggressive about him. Back then he played more outdoors rarely ever goinginside (except when his mother called for dinner), but as he got older and moreinterested in television I noticed that he was becoming much more aggressiveespecially as he played outside with his friends and sisters. He would punchand copy the moves of the cartoon shows he watched even to the point of copyingtheir war cries and sayings. The media claims that they have no influence onchildren, that could not be further from the truth. Children are the easiestto manipulate and take advantage of because they are...

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839 words - 3 pages violence. Hundreds of studies of the effects of TV violence on children and teenagers have found that children may: •     become "immune" to the horror of violence •     gradually accept violence as a way to solve problems •     imitate the violence they observe on television; and •     identify with certain characters, victims and/or

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