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Twelfth Night Act 3 Scene 4

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Through out this scene there are many events that take place involving an ample amount of characters they have different themes and are written in different styles of writing.Olivia is one of the main characters in this scene in the beginning she is talking quietly to the audience visualising possible situations of what she might do if Cesario arrives. She then calls Malvolio. Malvolio utters confusing words to Olivia she is absolutely confused to her Malvolio seems like a mad man as he goes on about cross gartering. Olivia is especially confused when Malvolio starts quoting this from the letter which she is supposed to have wrote. She then goes off to meet Cesario and leaves Sir Toby to take charge of Malvolio"Good Maria, let this fellow be looked to. Where is my cousin Toby?"She then disappears for a large amount of the scene and returns when she is trying to charm Cesario by giving him a picture of himself. She is later rejected and leaves and doesn't return in that scene.Although Maria does not play a vital role in this scene her presence is still there. At the beginning she tells her lady Olivia that Malvolio is acting in a strange manner knowing full well why "He's coming Madam, but in very strange manner. He is sure possessed, madam"When Malvolio is quoting parts of the letter Maria is the only person present that knows the true explanation to this encounter. Maria along with Sir Toby and Fabian take it in their stride to make fun of Malvolio telling him to say his prayers. She then exits for the rest of the scene.Malvolio is probably one of the more humoured characters in this scene which contradicts what he is in most of the others. At the beginning of the scene Malvolio struts in proudly smiling constantly wearing yellow cross gartered stockings. "Remember who commended thy yellow stockings" "and wished to see thee cross-gartered." Olivia then leaves utterly confused leaving Malvolio to think everything is going to plan. When Maria and her group come to mock Malvolio he is very rude and abrupt to them as it says to be on the letters "Go off, I discard you" After this Malvolio is not talked of for the rest of the scene.Sir Toby is featured throughout this scene. In the beginning he is assigned the job by Olivia his cousin to take care of the supposedly mad Malvolio. Whilst carrying out this responsibility he is teasing Malvolio "Ay biddy, come with me. What, man , 'tis not for gravity to play cherry-pit with Satan. Hang him, foul collier". Later in the second half of the scene he is advising Sir Andrew on how to write his letter after reading it aloud...

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