[Twelfth Night] Compare What The Men And Women Do For Love In The Play. Whose Love Is More Passionate?

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Both men and women pay effort for love in the play of Twelfth night. Their effort includes taking actions and expressing the feeling of love. However, the differences in the degree of effort suggest that women's love is more passionate. Passion means the showing of intense love or strong feelings. The statement of 'women's love is more passionate' can be explained by comparing men and women's effort paid.Viola and Olivia are the main female characters involved in the plot of love. Viola, a deeply passionate young woman pays great effort for her love, Orsino. Her effort can be observed in two aspects. The first one is her loyalty in serving Orsino. Disguised as Cesario, she presents herself as a responsible messenger of Duke Orsino. Her unselfish and sincere love makes her put Orsino's interest before her own. Act I sc IV 39-41 'I'll do my best /to woo your lady. Yet a barful strife! Whoever I woo, myself would be his wife.' She promises to try her best to win Olivia's love for Orsino. In Act I sc V 210-211 'with adorations, fertile tears...' Viola unselfishly tells Olivia the so called passion of Orsino; 240-242 ' my master, not myself, lacks recompense...' Viola tells Olivia about Orsino's lovesickness and sufferings due to unrequited love. She hopes Olivia will accept and she can complete his master's mission. In Act II sc II 33-34, 'As I am man/my state is desperate for my master's love.' in Act III sc I 90-91 ' Madam, I come to whet your gentle thoughts on his behalf.' And in Act III sc IV 180 'your true love for my master.' It shows that she knows her duty and responsibility clearly despite her strong desire of being in love with Orsino.The second aspect that shows the effort paid by her is her hints for Orsino. In Act II sc IV 22-26, Viola hints her love by saying her love's complexion and age is similar to Orsino's. Same scene 101-117, her story of her sister's concealed love further hints her love for her master and tension between them is built up. In Act V sc I 121-127, she declares her love for Orsino and vows that she will even die for him. It shows her willingness to sacrifice for love even it's her own life. Ambiguity in her lines may suggest passivity, but it seems to be more convincing that ambiguity stands for underneath passion, struggles behind and circumstance's limit. In short, Viola 's love and passion are revealed in her speech and her selfless love for Orsino shown by actions she takes. She's so passionate that she even brings out the passion of other characters, such as Olivia.Another female main character in the play, Olivia does a lot for love, including familial love and romantic love. She decides to mourn her dead brother for 7 years. Effort of Olivia pays on Viola overwhelms her and she does things quite out of her social position. She takes risky actions in Act I sc V 256 as she orders Malvolio to send Viola a ring as a gift. It is rather risky because she's a countess and she's trying to show her affection to a...

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