Twelfth Night There Is More Than One Way To Love!

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Many people know what love is, the strong affection that one feels for another. But there are numerous different kinds of love. Shakespeare expresses diverse degrees of love in his play Twelfth Night, especially through his main characters. For example, Lady Olivia seems to not be able to let go of the one she loves, Cesario and seems dreadfully desperate for him. Similarly, a very egotistical love is shown through the character Duke Orsino, who insists that he cannot love any other woman than the Lady Olivia when it is obvious that he loves being in love, rather than loving Olivia. On the contrary, Viola is in the position where, unlike Duke Orsino and Lady Olivia, she cannot confess her love for the Duke although she is the only one that is truly in love. Shakespeare uses his characters as tools to explore and display the diversities of love, and proves that everyone loves in different ways.
Shakespeare utilizes Lady Olivia to display desperate and emotionally attached love, as she cannot let her love, Cesario, leave her sight, nor her heart. Olivia wants to believe that she has a chance with Cesario, (a eunuch that is actually disguised) so she gives herself assurance. When Cesario simply sympathizes to Olivia’s confession of her love for him by saying, “I pity you” (3.1.113), it seems like Olivia immediately answers, “That’s a degree to love”! (3.1.114). Olivia is so desperate for Cesario! Her seemingly immediate answer shows that she will take whatever Cesario says and will twist it around to her advantage so that in her thoughts, Cesario does love her. Similarly, Olivia does not want to let Cesario leave when he comes, which shows she is emotionally attached to him. In Act 1, Scene 5, Olivia and Cesario first meet and Olivia sends her steward to give Cesario her ring after his departure to ensure that he will come back, “Run after that some peevish messenger, / … He left this ring behind him,” (1.5.275-276). Later on, Olivia admits this fault to Cesario, “I did send, / After the last enchantment you did here, / A ring in chase of you. So did I abuse/ Myself, my servant, and… you” (3.1.102-105). There are other such cases, in Act 3, Scene 1, Olivia tells Cesario to go, “There lies your way, due west” (3.1.125). Cesario then takes his cue and is about to leave when all of a sudden, Olivia says, “Stay I prithee”! (3.1.138). This shows that Olivia just does not want to bid goodbye to her beloved! She eventually does say farewell but, it is hard for her to see Cesario go away from her sight. To not let that happen, all she can do is beg Cesario to stay a bit longer so she can relish the time spent with him. Olivia is an unbalanced character, because she needs assurance and it seems that she does not necessarily know how her emotionally attached actions are impacting Cesario. Shakespeare utilizes Lady Olivia to explore how desperate one can get for another and how such actions are unhealthy as it is unappealing to the...

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