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Twelve Angry Men Juror Notes. Essay

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First Juror• He is the foreman• Weak• Goes with everyone else• "Now you gentlemen can handle this any way you want to."• Organizes everyone• "Well, I was thinking we ought to sit in order, by jury numbers…"• "Let's go in order here."• Tries to keep the peace• Chatty• Tries to be friends with everyone• High School Assistant Head CoachSecond Juror• Very weak• Gets persuaded easily• Nerd• Voice is drowned out by others shouting• Polite• "it's interesting that he'd find a knife exactly like the one the boy bought"• Meek• "Well, no. I was just--"• Wimpy• Bank ClerkThird Juror• Very strong opinions• Last juror to vote not guilty• Very excitable• "You bet I'm excitable."• Gets angry quickly• Average joe• Not afraid to say what is on his mind• Rude, doesn't mind insulting people• "Well, if the speech is over, maybe we can go on."• Stubborn• Had a fight with his son so has prejudice against boy on trial• Runs a messenger service called "Beck and Call"• Temperamental and vengeful• ArrogantFourth Juror• Very intelligent• Very logical• Stands up for what he believes in• Sticks to the facts• "Now suppose we take these facts one at a time."• Polite, not rude• "The gentleman has a right to see exhibits in evidence."• Very hard to persuade, not persuaded till the very end• Well dressed stock-broker• Smug and conceited• Treats the case like a puzzle to be deductively solved rather than as a case that may send the defendant to deathFifth Juror• Comes from the slums, so puts himself in the boy's perspective• Good knowledge of streets, knows how to use weapons etc• "Switch-knives came with the neighborhood where I lived"• Gets very angry when 3rd juror insults defendant when talks about him coming from the slums• Sticks to his side once he is on it (doesn't like people voting on opposite side.)• Naïve, insecure, frightened.Sixth Juror• Doesn't play any particular role• Helps old guy• Adds little things here and there• Doesn't like 3rd juror at all• When he has a point though, he won't be timid about it• Typical, working man, painter• A follower, and willing to back up his words with his fists• Dull-wittedSeventh Juror• Not a very serious man• Probably goes to all the ball games, races, pubs. (Blokey guy)• Heavy accent• Only votes according to who the majority is• Gets quite angry• Just looking to get out of the jury room as quickly as possible• Lacks complete human concern for the defendant• Extroverted• Impatient salesman• Flashy dresser• Relates everything to baseballEighth Juror• Resourceful• Intelligent• "It's always difficult to keep personal prejudice out of a thing like this. And...

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972 words - 4 pages that racism is still alive and breathing well in todays society. Through his explorations of the Jurors, Rose examines the way racism and Prejudice take over people and how it can bring out the worst in them.The effects of greed and self-interest are shown in Twelve Angry Men as a negative aspect of man. Juror 7 is greatly influenced by his determination to make the ball game. His view of the case as a waste of time and his hope that maybe

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2122 words - 8 pages them to change the minds of each and every person out there that disagrees with what they feel is right and pursue them to conform to their convictions.But in a realistic world, is that possible? Can one person change the minds of eleven others when what they feel and believe has already been set in stone and engraved on their hearts? Twelve Angry Men poses this question and provides an answer. And although it is obviously done with a Hollywood

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883 words - 4 pages On Friday, April 18, I attended the Henderson State University production of Twelve Angry Men. Reginald Rose wrote the playwright of Twelve Angry Men and Sherman L. Sergel had it adapted. The performance took place in the Arkansas Hall Studio Theatre on Henderson State campus. Fortunately, I had the opportunity of watching the Good Friday performance of this play and it did everything but disappoint. I didn’t know much about this playwright

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