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Twentieth Century Canada Research Essay.

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Question: Evaluate Canada's contribution to the Korean War, 1950 "" 1953.The Korean War was a battle between North and South Korea. On June 25th 1950, North Korean troops marched through the 38th parallel and into the Republic of Korea. This was first act of aggression since the formation of the United Nation organization. Although the contribution made by Canadians was not as great as their efforts in each of the two world wars, it was still a major contribution. Canada helped not only by sending troops, but also by providing Naval and Air support. They also were significant providers of peacekeepers after the war had ended.Canada made significant contributions to the Naval units of the United Nations forces. On July 5th 1950, only 11 days after the outbreak of the war, the Royal Canadian Navy sent over the HMCS Athabskan, Cayuga, and the Sioux. These three destroyers were put under the command of J.V. Brock. They served duties escorting and patrolling "" the most urgent was the movement of troops to the Pusan bridgehead. The next mission assigned to Brock's squadron, consisting of three Canadian ships, two Australian ships, and one American, was to head up the Taedong River to the port situated some 32 kilometers up-river and evacuate the troops located there. The Canadian destroyers came under enemy fire for the first time in mid-January 1951 when they joined in a UN bombardment of the port of Inchon. As the destroyers were leaving Inchon harbor, the enemy opened fire upon them. Fortunately, the enemy gunnery was inaccurate. The ships then reversed course and silenced the shore with their 4-inch guns. Except for this clash, the first months of 1951 were relatively quiet for the Canadian ships. Much time was spent on carrier screening. This was arduous, but generally uneventful work. The destroyers were there to guard against air and submarine attacks and the crews had ever to be vigilant. October 1952 was the first and only time the Royal Canadian Navy suffered naval casualties. The HMCS Iroquois was directly struck from a shore battery, and suffered 3...

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