Twentieth Century Transitions Essay

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During the 20th century, people gained more opportunities to work and obtain a job. Majority rushed to get a job thinking it will help to live through life, but no, these jobs were low paid minimum wage jobs or worse. The conditions were dangerous and the positions were easily replaceable. Not only were the working conditions horrible, racism and discrimination also played a part in period. Immigrants came from all over and some were denied the job based on skin color. The only option available was to get a job that did not deny their specific race. For example, low jobs such as a gut scraper Jurgis Rudkus had did not require any skills, therefore they did not mind if it was a colored person receiving the job. Many board organizations formed to keep workers of any race to work by guaranteeing union membership for example, “The National Labor Relations Board (9/24/13).” Freedom has expanded drastically for the white and colored people. Not only did people gain jobs and opportunities, but they also gained rights. Although there are more opportunities for the working people such as rights and jobs, the United State government also limits the highest potential an individual can obtain.
In 1919, the Red Summer was the time of difficulties (9/24/13). There were many work stoppages such as the Seattle General Strike presenting workers who strike for five days wanting to earn a higher wage post World War 1. Not only was this a non-violent strike but it also included union workers from groups such as American Federation of Labor and Industrial Workers of the World. Another thing is that many women are joining the workforce as a consumer and worker, but they are still paid less compared to white men. Later in 1923, the equal rights amendment declared that there was no discrimination between men and women and gender equality meant equal pay.
Immigration and migration has brought thousands of people to the United States soil to work. These people were not represented equally, especially cheap labor and harsh working conditions. This was not good news for everyone because of automation, which meant that machines are replacing workers on an assembly line made people lose their jobs. The wages were lower than minimum wage and inflation was circulating so it made the economy even worse. People were working multiple jobs and they were not even able to pay rent or have a normal lifestyle....

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