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Loving and caring. Dedicated and hard-working. Passionate and motivated. Trustworthy and responsible. Yes, my sisters are pretty much the precise perception of perfection. These are the characteristics that we all, as people, strive for. These are the characteristics that every parent tries to instill in their child. Any parent would describe them as a dream. Any parent would love the blessing of raising them. And I know my parents do.
Their accomplishments keep building and building and building. They’re 20 feet from the top of the mountain, while I’m overwhelmed and staring blankly upward, trying to figure out where to even begin. One, a thriving sophomore, studying mechanical engineering at UW-Madison, the other; just received the “wonderful” news of being accepted there. It’s not that I would wish failure upon her; it’s simply that I must now follow this up, and step up to the plate. It seems to me, that they can do anything, Never have I been told what is expected of me, but it’s mutually accepted that I have to do just as well as they did, because they really painted that perfect picture in front of me, and anything worse will result in dissatisfaction. I’m not against it. But I’m not for it. It frankly isn’t my choice, but it’s what I’m left with. Trapped inside this life. But yet somehow, I am still pleased by this life…
It’s extremely difficult knowing that some of the admirable stuff you complete, that other parents would be impressed with, gets taken for granted and hidden behind the bigger, better, more impressive accomplishments of your predecessors of sisters; that they are continuing on to greater and grander things, while your now seemingly petty work becomes the average. The bar is already set. They force me to grow up, take more ownership. Sometimes, that’s for the better, sometimes not, but they seem to affect me both ways. Not make things such a big deal, knowing they have it harder, expect lots of work from the classes that I selected while trying to keep up with them. I become thrown into this comparison with them. Expected to match them, stride for stride. Grade for grade. Class for class. Expected to do even better. Expected to perform superior for everything in school. Expected to have just as much responsibility. Failure results in self-hatred. When they disappoint themselves, they reflect on that failure, which just sparks the fire even more. I am completely convinced my parents do not compare us, but deep down it feels different than that. Oh, how they impress my parents. The parents are so used to success and subconsciously care more and more about it. My sisters have set the high level of success and now that’s mostly all the parents analyze in our education. My sisters have gotten all those grades you yearn for, and that’s all any parents care about.
It is exceedingly gratifying knowing that you have success before your time for the opportunity. It gives me the motivation to...

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