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Twitter: Protecting User Privacy Essay

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Social media has seen a significant number of stories that bring attention to failures in surveillance policies over the past decade. Time after time we hear about how surveillance technology is digging deeper and deeper into our personal information and is infringing on our rights more and more. It is important however to recognize successes in personal information protection and acknowledge achievements on behalf of the common population. As more and more attention is brought to surveillance the public is becoming better informed. As this trend progresses it is becoming more and more beneficial for social media companies to side with the individual and protect their user’s rights. Twitter is a social media company that has had success in protecting their users rights and working towards an open and transparent information environment. Between Twitter’s involvement with the Do Not Track program and their lawsuit against the United States Justice Department, the company models a successful social media surveillance strategy.
In one of the articles I reviewed focused on how Edward Snowden, a United States citizen who leaked classified surveillance information, is a hero. The Edward Snowden case brought the issue of government surveillance to the forefront of American attention. This attention has put surveillance of all varieties under scrutiny from the American public. Some companies have adapted to this changing dynamic by opening up about surveillance policies and information. As the article from class argues, these efforts to provide more transparency about surveillance practices should be received in a positive light by the general population. Social Media sites, which cater to a variety of individuals, are especially interested in being perceived in a positive light by the general population. Practicing and striving for transparent practices and consumer protection are commendable efforts that the public will appreciate. Building a social media site around these efforts should be an effective and profitable business strategy. (Cassidy)
Twitter is presently suing the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Justice over surveillance transparency concerns. (Ortutay) Earlier this month Twitter filed a nineteen page complaint with the government agencies that listed the complaints the social media company had against transparacy censorship. (Nakashima) The United States signed deals with Facebook and Microsoft earlier this year that allowed the companies to disclose general number of data requests they received from the government. Unlike Facebook and Microsoft, Twitter refused to strike the same deal, arguing that the deal would be a regressive step in information transparency. (Neal) Twitter, unlike Facebook the social media site, and Microsoft, which provides email and other services, a large amount of Twitter’s information is public and open to everyone. This means that Twitter receives less...

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