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Twitter: The New Information Platform For Public Sphere

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Introduction: With the development of internet and improvement of digital transmission technology, network communication is becoming a part of people's life. For the publishing individual this situation cause the ability of audience which process information is greatly strengthened. At the same time, the situation sparks audience’s demand to make the information more personalisation. Thus it can be seen that, expressing individual, spreading ideas, real time information, quickly and easily, these elements becoming the audience’s basic requirement of information distributing and communication platform. Twitter embraces new technology, use sharing and circulating as it’s basic communication ...view middle of the document...

Twitter construct a new public sphere.

The concept of public sphere first time presented by Hannah Arendt in her book ‘The human condition’. In this book, Arendt calls the public sphere as ‘the rise of the social’(Benhabid, 1996). After that, Jurgen Habermas in his book ‘The Public Sphere: An Encyclopaedia Article’ gives a further Pioneer study in this theory, and make it develop into maturity. Habermas defines the public sphere as: a realm of human’s social life, it is a public space between society and the state, and access is guaranteed to all citizens. Citizens are assumed that they can express their opinion about the public affairs, without countries or government interfere.This realm is adjusting the relationship between society and state(Bronner & Keller 1989). As a space which the citizens participate in the public affairs, it stays out of politics power and is the opposite of private sphere. In this space, there are numerous separate individual. These individuals share ideas, perspectives and discussion on the general public interests issue which thereby a various and complicated net between people and people.

According to Habermas’ theory there are three key elements to build a public sphere: First is medium. As he says in this large body, this kind communication requires specific means for transmitting information and influencing those who receive it(Bronner & Keller 1989)....

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