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Two Bears: A Play Essay

1668 words - 7 pages

Act 1 Scene 1

(Daybreak begins as the sun creeps into the Yosemite National Park. Spring has shown exceptional weather this year with sunny days and few rain showers coming in. Today is just like any other day for the wildlife that may dwell in this expanse of woodland.)

(Willis the Bear finally comes out of hiding under his make shift house made up of timber and tree branches. The life of an American Black Bear is refreshing and relaxing. Looking for food and water, Willis starts his journey off to the river with his hunger for Pink Salmon)

Willis: (Speaking to himself and yawning) Feels so good to just wake up to such a beautiful day.

WILLIS stretches out and does his morning exercises. He then heads out of his cove and takes in all his surroundings. He walks for a couple minutes till he reaches a few small stubbed trees that seemed to have small scratches on them.)

WILLIS: (Continuing on his way)Man these squirrels...

Act 1 Scene 2

(Finally reaches a clearing showing a few scrubs but most of all a waterfall that was gushing out of the top of a mountain. It splashed hard on the land below with a few fish splurging out from the surface.)

WILLIS: (Dashing forward with anticipation and excitement) Mealtime!


BOBCAT LEADER: (With a loud call)Stop right there Big Guy! This is our turf which means our territory and game. We won’t harm you if you decide to leave.

WILLIS turns half way from inside the stream and looks at them at a bewildered but confused look.

WILLIS: But I just got here. Can’t I just get a few fish for my breakfast? It won’t take long.

BOBCAT LEADER: I’m sorry, but you have to leave immediately before our kin come and see you're here. We have a few baby kittens that might get a scare if they see you.

WILLIS: (Was thinking it over and compromised the situation and decided that he’ll compress his hunger just a little longer) K’ I’ll comply. But first tell where I can find the closest spring?

BOBCAT LEADER: Just a couple hills you’ll be over near Sentinel Rock. Around that valley you should be able to scourge up some berries or game their…

WILLIS: K thanks I’ll check it out otherwise I’ll come back here.
(Before the BOBCAT LEADER could respond, WILLIS the American Black Bear raced off into the direction of his meal.)

Act 1 Scene 3

(After a few moments, WILLIS finally comes up to a plain with nothing but another Black Bear. He/she was roaming confounded in its position. Its back was turned. Around this time, a few clouds lined the sky with the chance of rainfall.)

WILLIS: (Walking up and dodging a buds) Hey there friend! What brings you here on this fine morning?

(After WILLIS’ sentiment, the Black bear turned around. The look on its eyes were rabid with hunger desperately needed. No berries or acorns would do the trick for this hungry mammal.)

UNKNOWN BEAR: (In a really delirious tone) Please sir, do you have any food on you? I have been wandering for quite the few days and...

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