Two Books By Kurt Vonnegut Jr

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In the books Slaughterhouse-Five and Mother Night, the author, Kurt Vonnegut Jr. presents the reader with two entirely different plots and story lines. The underlying theme for both books however, is the same; stop mindless war, stop mindless genocide of the human race, stop hatred for one another.These zealous antiwar sentiments stem from Vonnegut's personal experiences during World War II. An American ground soldier, Vonnegut was captured and held in the German city of Dresden. During his captivity, the Allied forces fire bombed Dresden, killing 135,000 inhabitants, destroying hospitals, schools, apartment buildings. After the bombing, Vonnegut was assigned the dreadful task of removing and cremating corpses that were rotting throughout city. Recollecting this horrific experience, Vonnegut used his books as a vehicle for emotional truth, namely, hatred for war and murder. The pain of that day was so huge that Vonnegut could not write about it or make reference to it in his books until Slaughterhouse-Five, published in 1969.The conviction of an antiwar book emerges more evidently in Slaughterhouse-Five. The main character, Billy Pilgrim (Vonnnegut himself), a soldier for the Allies during World War II and just like Vonnegut, is captured by the Nazis and held captive in Dresden where he witnesses the same tragedy as Vonnegut did. Pilgrim, however, comes out of the war a crazed lunatic. He has the hallucination that aliens (tralfamadores) abduct him and make him a exhibit in zoo. He greatly admires these trafalmadores because they have no sense of time, the see things from beginning to end, and therefore have the power of seeing destiny and of time travel. According to Pilgrim, they grant him the power to travel through time and seeing all events from beginning to end. Pilgrim asks them, "Why me?", they answer to prove their power of seeing things as a whole, "Why you, why anything, there is no why." Vonnegut uses these trafalmadores as the utopian, ideal society; for they have no wars, because they know how they will end. Vonnegut presents the human race a standard for what the human world should be like. In his last and perhaps most desperate attempt for the human race to reform, Vonnegut pleads, "Robert Kennedy was shot two night before. So it goes. And Martin Luther King Jr. was shot a month before. So it goes. And from Vietnam, the government provides daily body counts...

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3814 words - 15 pages "one of the nicest ones in recent times," for the city has been rebuilt and has returned to a normal existence.Billy also time travels to Dresden, two days after the city was destroyed. All the American prisoners, including Billy, O'Hare, and Vonnegut, are marched into the ruins of Dresden and made to dig out the dead bodies. When one of the soldiers dies of dry heaves caused by the smell of the decomposing bodies, the other soldiers are relieved of

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