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Two Brothers Two Choices Essay

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Each step he takes, waves of guilt, desperation, and despair crash upon him, making each step heavier than the last. As a little ruffian running around with his brother to play cricket, escaping the airport guards, all these images flash before him, splaying out his entire life, making him realise he has spent his entire life, every minute of it with his brother. Even liking the same book, The Three Musketeers, and ultimately being known as Athos and Porthos, happy memories of their child hood surface within him. Yet right now, there he is, his little brother, Jamal, walking to what he thought was an audition for his singing skills and here, is the caring mature brother guiding his brother into the arms of Maman. Yet, unbeknownst to the younger brother, the end of the path to Maman also signifies the end to his eyesight. Though this is clearly known to Salim, thoughts on his future with wealth, women and power kept him leading his brother to a blind future. Selfish, to sacrifice is brother for such measly wants, yet it is human nature to brush aside moral and ethical concepts and replace them with wants, desires. His brother though oblivious to what is about to happen, cannot ignore the unpleasant aura the older brother is surrounded by. All his emotions of guilt, shame are laid out, not quite bare but enough for the younger brother to sense there is something wrong. Salim though, with his mind set on his future with women and money, he shamefully but surely, leads his own brother towards Maman the man that will give lots but take even more. An image of a woman, their mother appears in Salim’s mind, holding an expression of sadness, regret and disappointment.
“Athos” says Salim
He has heard
He has decided.


With each step he takes, waves of pride, joy and excitement crash upon him, making each step lighter than the last. Big houses, money, plain rice and most of all living together with Latika and Salim that will all be happening once he’s turned...

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