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Two Cases Of It Initiatives That Failed. Osu Assignment

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Two cases of IT Initiatives that failed.
Both the cases stress on how not building and managing a system may be a huge risk in determining the success rate of an organization. On how project and following a lifecycle matter is really important, and if enough attention is not given to these fields, it could lead to a disaster.
a. The problem the IT initiative addresses.
· Informal methods to track of sales opportunities and forecast sales
· No relevant documentation of client information
· No monitoring of progress of sales
· Manual use of spreadsheets and graphs.
· Report Production Process was too long
· Manual system was adequate when company was small, not later.
· Knowledge and sales opportunities of a sales person’s file were lost when the person left the company
b. Work system that had the problem
The Sales System within the company had the problem.
c. Relationship between IS and the work system it supports
In this case, informal methods were employed to track sales, document information, and monitor progress into an Information System. Sales representatives tracked and documented their own sales and customers they were in contact within spreadsheets, which most likely stayed with the representative.
d. Lessons learned from both cases
Though a software was introduced to make the system better, the sales force found it to be cumbersome, and hence continued the use of spreadsheets. The second time an updated version of the same software was introduced, there was no proper policy in place for the use of the product, which resulted in inconsistent use, and improper entering of...

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