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Two Cases Of Suicide Due To Bullying

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Suicide is an issue in society that comes up almost weekly. Whether the person kills themselves or if they receive aid, from a doctor or a friend, in killing themselves it is still suicide. How can we justify our hatred and judgment towards suicide when we do not fully understand the persons reasoning behind committing suicide? Is it because we are apathetic towards their pain or is it because we feel guilty because we could have prevented it? How many people do you personally know that have committed suicide? Did you automatically blame them for the pain you feel because of their death or did you stop to consider that they were going through so much pain that they could think of no other way to end it. I will support the claim that suicide is not always selfish and it needs to be treated with more understanding than most people are willing to give.
In the last four years two suicides on the news have stuck out to me and showed me that suicide is not as black and white as we make it out to be. Phoebe Prince and Megan Meier’s are two young girls who committed suicide because they were subjected to cyber bullying and bullying in public. In the Article “Phoebe Prince, 15, Commits Suicide After Onslaught of Cyber-Bullying From Fellow Students” by Pete Kortz he discussed how Phoebe Prince was an immigrant from Ireland who just started her freshman year in a Michigan high school where she was subjected to constant bullying, stalking, and harassment by girls ranging from 16 to 18 year olds because she dated a football senior. She did nothing wrong yet the constant bullying finally got to her after one of her bullies drove by her and threw an empty energy drink can at her on her way home from school. That day Phoebe hung herself because of the constant bullying and the unwillingness of the school administration to do anything about it. The girls then slandered her memorial page on Facebook and faced criminal charges because of their bullying (Kortz).
In another article “Megan Meier: Mistaken Myspace Suicide” by Kristal Hawkins she mentions that Megan was a girl who had bouts of depression and severe body image issues and was subjected to cyberbullying by a neighborhood friend’s mom, Lori Drew, who disguised herself on the internet as 16 year old Josh Evans. Lori Drew was a family friend of the Meier’s and knew about Megan’s psychological situation, yet she decided to make a Myspace page to see if Megan was trash talking her daughter. When Megan had yet to say anything bad about her daughter she started insulting Megan calling her fat and ugly and then stated that “that the world would be better off without her” (Hawkins). She then ran to her room and hung herself not knowing “that "Josh" was a ruse designed to see what Megan might be saying about the Drew girl. But that child did not act alone in this plot. It was a canny idea brilliantly executed: invent a young girl's ideal, and, if she doesn't spill the beans to him, prompt her” (Hawkins). Both...

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