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Two Communists, One Goal Essay

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Two Communists, One Goal
Fidel Castro was a very influential leader; he not only changed Cuba, but the entire globe. Fidel Castro was the Cuban president during the Cold war, he achieved this through his background, ability to influence, as well as other factors. Mao Ze-dong also influenced people to follow his revolution, similar to Castro; both did this through effective use of propaganda, by their great speech ability, as well as by gaining support from the poor citizens through promises and agreements.
Fidel Castro was able to influence others to follow him due to his education, the people’s hatred toward the government at the time, and by his commitment toward his native country: Cuba. While attending the University of Havana, a renowned school in Cuba, Castro was first introduced to politics (Encyclopedia of World… 1); this would affect his entire life and history. Likewise, because he had lived in Cuba his entire life, he knew of the inefficiency and the flaws of the government; therefore exploiting that was quite easy for him (Encyclopedia of World…1). Fidel Castro’s education and familiarity with his national government, which he was able to overthrow, allowed him the ability to lead a revolt and later, assume power. However, like many dictators, once he acquired the power, he would go against promises he made and mainly care about keeping his power.
Gaining many followers and having the ability to start a revolution was relatively easy for Castro because of his ability to gain support from citizens of all social classes through promises, his passionate and engaging speeches, and lastly by his use of propaganda. Many citizens, especially the poor and the university students, followed Fidel Castro due to the promises and rights he ensured them (Encyclopedia of World…2). However, as can be seen throughout much of history, many leaders go back on the promises they made while rising to power, Castro is no different. Eventually, when he assumed power he disregarded his promises of capitalism and wealth and declared himself, and Cuba, communist, nationalizing many businesses (Overview of Fidel Castro Castro...

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