Two Different Slave Lives Essay

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Two different slave lives

A young girl named Linda Brent that grew with the dream of everyone’s childhood Happy, playful and loving. It wasn’t until she grew into his six years when she found out that having a master and/ or a mistress was cruel, A Narrative of a slave girl who grew to hate life. A boy separated after birth from his mother named Frederick Douglass, living a terrible life being punished by his master. He lived unhappily not knowing his age, a narrative by Frederick Douglas who knew there was no way out of slavery. Fighting for life and going through life isn’t the same, but for these two slaves they don’t have a choice but to do both.

In Edenton, North Carolina Harriet grew into slavery in 1813, the book “Incidents in the life of a slave girl,” was written by her to show what she lived. Linda had the life many slaves wanted, she could read and get in touch with her grandmother. Although her parents died at least she knew who and how they were. According to Harriet her father was a hard workingman that she admired, considering her first sentences were about him. Frederick Douglass was a very unfortunate baby when he got separated from his mother. The book “Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass,” was written because he wanted the world to know what he was made of and all the pain that he went through. Two slaves that didn’t wish the life they had when they were destined to be slaves.

In both of these books is being shown an example of the misconduct upon slavery for both slaves and slaveholders. Linda was fortunate to have contact with her grandmother, use to feed her and keep her company. In some cases her loving grandmother gifted her items so she could always be with her granddaughter. Linda never thought that she will lose her perfect life, but right after the death of both her master and mistress she left with Her new mistress Mrs. Flint. In my opinion, Mrs. Flint wanted to win Linda’s heart and let things by but that only made her crazy. Linda had grown up to fourteen years and her grandmother gifted her a pair of shoes, happily walking when Mrs. Flint always got bother by it and terrorized Linda to take the shoes off or she will burn them. Mrs. Flint was inhumane and harsh on Linda and made her feel like she wasn’t properly looked at.

On the other hand, Frederick never had anyone to stand by him and give him love. In my opinion Master Anthony, showed gestures to many slaves that they were simply destined to work and that they were to behave in order to receive special treatment. Frederick lived in a plantation he called home, he described how there were fruit trees and in order to prevent slaves to eat from them, he would place tar over them. Slaves found with tar would be punished by aggression. For Captain Anthony confusing slaves with food and blankets to make them feel they were being treated properly wasn’t enough. Therefore Captain Anthony needed to push further to protect what was his, and made him a...

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