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Two Sides Of The Illegal Immigration Issue

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Illegal immigration is a “hot” topic in our country. There is controversy between the state and federal governments over who has authority, and our elected officials in Washington are addressing the issue, with limited success. The majority of us have some opinion on the subject, and our opinions tend to be based on how the issue will impact us. We question if illegal immigration is good for us. What are the costs to us? Is it in the best interest of our country? As nearly twelve million people have secretly slipped across the border to invade our space, our concerns have increased. While our concerns are important, we should not limit ourselves to a one-sided view. Only by understanding both sides of the issue, will we be inspired to work for an equitable solution
The following three issues concerning illegal immigrants have received attention. One issue relates to the belief that illegal immigrants are taking our jobs and not paying taxes. A second issue is the belief that they are a threat to our country’s security. A third issue relates to the unfairness of allowing illegal immigrants to remain in the country without legalizing their status. First, let us consider the concern that illegal immigrants are taking our jobs and not paying taxes. It is fair to say that, for the most part, the illegal immigrants are working in jobs that our countrymen prefer not to have. If our workers are willing to accept the job, they are unwilling to work for the wages that employers are prepared to pay. In our society, people are accustomed to unions driving up the wage rate or our government subsidizing our lifestyle. That is, we have come to expect higher wages and, only out of desperation, will we take many of the jobs that the illegal immigrants are happy to assume. The allegation has often been made that illegal immigrants are paying no taxes, however, that is untrue. They are paying sales tax on purchases and property tax as a portion of the rent (Krayewski). Shikha Dalmia, a senior analyst with the Reason Foundation, reports that “in 2006 an estimated 8 million illegal immigrants—up to two thirds of the total—paid taxes, including both income taxes and Medicare and Social Security taxes” (Krayewski).
The other issues that have raised concern relate to national security and unfairness. In order to protect our security, some opponents want to discourage entry by increasing patrols and surveillance and raising a wall to protect our southern border. These measures have failed in the past, and will likely do so in the future. By increasing the money we spend for added patrols and surveillance, we will only increase our costs. We should recognize that the majority of the individuals that have entered our country, by slipping across the border, are, otherwise, willing to abide by our laws for an opportunity at a better life. Their primary purpose is to improve their economic conditions, not to jeopardize our security or cause controversy...

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