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Two Faced Killer Essay

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The Two Faced-Killer
“Alcohol’s two faced nature shouldn’t come as a surprise”
While some people will argue the advantages of alcohol, which are including, but not
limited to, being healthy for the heart and circulatory system and probably protects against type
two diabetes as well as gallstones, with moderate drinking. ( On the
other hand, it can be argued that it can cause alcohol poisoning, unintended pregnancy, children
born with Alcohol Spectrum Disorders, high blood pressure, stroke, and other cardiovascular
diseases. Additionally, it can cause liver disease, neurological damage and sexual dysfunction
and poor control of Diabetes. You must ask ...view middle of the document...

It doesn’t help you “deal” with them,
when you come back to sobriety, your problems are still going to be there.
“Drinking is cool” ( Quite the opposite, what’s cool about slurred speech, or
tripping over your own feet in a drunken stupor or hugging the toilet all night?
“I drink because my friends do” ( Yeah, we finally got to it. The ever so
popular response when someone is confronted about drinking. Peer pressure, such a difficult
game, typically among the teenage crowd (although it can happen with adults as well). They
want to drink to fit in, “to look cool” what these poor teens need to think about, if they didn’t
drink, if they waited to take that first sip; instead of trying to be in the “in” crowd, how many of
those friends would actually be friends? How much trouble could they have avoided in their lives
by not drinking, but they decided to, just to be one of those popular high school kids?
Studies were done in 2011 and 2012 and the conclusions were similar. In 2011 the rate...

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