Two Faces Of Social Media Essay

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Today, social media has become one of people's fundamental tools for our lives. We obtain any information we want at any time by just simply searching on Google for instance.As social media evolve over time, all the people around the world use it in both good and bad ways every day. For example, a person might use social media to read articles to see what's happening around the world, or a person might use social networking to interact with their friends, family or coworkers. However, some people might use social media really badly. In addition, students in high school bullying their friends by using Facebook posts. As I illustrated it, social media have positive and negative impacts in our society, yet social media have much more advantage impacts than disadvantage impacts in our society.

Reliable Social networking information have more positive impacts in our society than false information. According to social networking site[1], the website states that 49.1% of people experienced hearing false information via social media.This means almost ten out of five people encounter wrong news from social media. This can have disadvantage in emergency situation. Improper first aid can lead to serious problems. However, if people use reliable sites such as visiting proper domain of the website like .gov and .org, social networking will have amazing positive impacts in our societies such as saving people’s life when there is an emergency. People can search online to find about first aid.There are numerous social media sites that have tons of great information such as tips about being healthy, study tips and what to do when there is an emergency.Even though there are some false information on the internet, still, trustful social networking sites have more advantage impacts than the false information.

Webcam has greater positive impact than negative impacts in our society. For example, doctors use webcam to give anesthesia for a surgery. According to "'Exciting’ experiment sees Montreal doctors use webcams to administer anesthesia to patients in Italy,"[2] it says that Dr. Thomas Hermmerling uses webcam to control anesthetic for a surgery. This article also mentioned that every country could use the same quality of anesthesia even in Africa. today, webcams have powerful impact in our society because it became one of the tools for surgeries around the world...

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