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Two Persons Who Are Living Through Two Different Stages According To Erikson's Theory Of Development. Interviews Included.

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In the following paper I intend to analyze two persons who are living through two different stages according to Erikson's theory of development. In order to understand the development of these two individuals, we have to understand their identities and their concerns. The first participant is a Latin woman in her middle ages; her main concern is her family. She lives in the countryside. As she shows in the following interview, she is more satisfied with her life than disappointed.Interviewer:What is your age?Woman:I am 35 years old.Interviewer: What do you think is your role in society at the present?Woman:I think that my role is being a good mother and wife.Interviewer: Do you find it satisfactory?Woman:Yes, but not every time but most of the times I am happy because there are many rewards of being a mother. Sometimes is really stressing to manage all the tasks at home.Interviewer: What are the things you don't like about your role?Woman:Mainly the big responsibility with children.Interviewer: Are you looking forward to change something in your life?Woman:Yes, I would like to establish a small bakery in town.Interviewer: Would you like to have a major change in your life?Woman:No, I rather stay in the way I am now.Interviewer: If you had to choose one stage of your life as the happiest one, which one would you chose?Woman:I think that all my stages have been rewarding. It would be hard to choose.Interviewer: What would you like to learn or practice in order to improve your life?Woman:I would like to learn decoration of cakes.Interviewer: Is there any difficult obstacle that limits you to do it?Woman:Not really, time is a problem, but I can organize myself to obtain time and learn.The second participant is a 10 years old boy who is Latin and lives in the city. His primary concern is to get some independence by mastering the necessary skills in this society. Also he wants to explore the world in which he lives by trying out different activities. He lives in a comfortable environment, and he is also dealing with the born of his brother. In the interview the boy expresses his feeling towards the role he has in society and the different obstacles he has to overcome.Interviewer:How old are you?Boy:I am 10 years oldInterviewer:Are you going to school?Boy:YesInterviewer:Do you like going there?Boy:Yes, I like it.Interviewer:Why do you like it?Boy:Because I play with my friends and we have fun.Interviewer:Do you have a lot of friends in school?Boy:Yes, (he mentions their names)Interviewer:What is the most difficult thing you have to do everyday?Boy:I have to do my math homework, and sometimes help my mom with my brother. I don't like to clean my room and save my toys.Interviewer:Do you like to learn new things?Boy:It depends; I like to learn new sports and games.Interviewer:What is your favorite pastime?Boy:I like to play in my computer and soccer with my friendsInterviewer:Who did you teach you that?Boy:I learned to use the computer in school and my dad...

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