Two Kingdoms Essay

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Two Kingdoms

Snow still has been falling from the sky in the little town of Coventry since the day started. The little orphanage from the crossroads was almost buried in snow, but the kids were excited. They have never seen so much snow in their entire lives. You could’ve heard their laughs from a mile. They quickly started to build a snowman, to ride their sleigh or have a snowball fight. All the kids were outside playing, but a little girl of seven, with fair and wavy hair, down on her shoulders. Her deep brown eyes were sad, but he was quite pretty, even if she didn’t know that yet. She had the looks and the manners of a prince, though she was a girl. Her favorite things to do were reading and writing stories. He had great imagination. She wished other kids would play with her, but she often seemed invisible to them. Her only friend was a boy of 9, with blue deep eyes, who promised to watch on her and he often played with her.
“Ray, come out …you would never guess how much snow is outside…It’s like our dream came true”
Her name was Rawiya, which signified “storyteller”, but her friend called her simply Ray.
She turned her eyes and opened them wide in unbelief.
“Alexander, it can’t be true. It can’t snow with such a rainy climate that we have. You must be kidding”
“No, Ray….I’m telling the truth…Please, come and see for yourself”
Rawiya got out of the little cottage and her eyes brightened seeing the beautiful, white and fluffy snow from under her feet. She ran and threw herself in the snow and started making angels in the snow. She was dancing like never before and you could have seen the joy in her eyes. Alexander looked at her mesmerized, and the other kids were stunned. But they quickly came to their senses and started to mock her:
“Hey, Raven…Have you decided to get out of your hollow?”
The kids were mean and they nicknamed her Raven, because she usually was very sad and grumpy. They took the name Ray that Alexander usually called her and added the letters “ven”. Thereby, her nickname: raven. The only one who could come closer to her and actually talk to her was Alexander. He was the first to find her on a frosty night like this one, 5 years ago. He was four but heard her cry in the cold night and called for the nurses to fetch her in. He saved her that night, because she quickly caught a cold and Alexander insisted to watch over her that night. She quickly recovered and since then, they were best friends. Every time the others bullied her, he would protect her and chase away those bad boys.
He had never seen her so happy about something. Then he remembered something. One day, as they sat at the fire and talked, he had asked her:
“What are you drawing?”
“These are snowflakes. Aren’t they pretty? Each one is different from the others. Each one is unique!” she heaved a deep sigh
“Where have you seen such snowflakes? It hasn’t snowed here for decades.”
“I don’t know. I have different kind of dreams and in the morning I write exactly how I...

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