Two Major Political Ideologies Today Essay

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Two Major Political Ideologies Today
Republicans and Democrats have been the two main political parties who have battled for control of political positions in the United States since the mid 1850’s. While Republican’s and Democrat’s political ideologies have changed throughout their history, since the late 1960’s their parties coalition has relatively stayed the same. In this essay I will briefly summarize these political ideologies that define the Democratic and Republican parties today, before discussing some of the similarities between the two, and then closing with who I agree with more and why I will continue to vote for that party.
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(Kenworthy) Democrats want much of government funding to go to a variety of welfare programs to help out the impoverished, unemployed, lower class. (Kenworthy) In short Democratic economic philosophy says that when the lower class receives money from government programs they go and spend it, which in turn grows the economy from the bottom up.
One important similarity between Republican’s and Democrat’s political philosophy is that both parties favor some basic Keynesian economic principles. (Kenworthy) In particular, by allowing the artificial stimulation of the economy by reducing the interest rate the central bank charges to commercial banks in order to allow commercial banks to loan out money to individuals at a very low interest rate, which puts money into the economy. As for different governing philosophies between these two parties the list goes on and on. Republicans focus on the wealthy and those expected to become wealthy, while Democrats focus on the poor and middle class. Republicans prefer smaller government, letting states and local level government make decisions, while Democrats want a larger government where they believe fewer economic injustices can happen. Republicans favor allowing wages to be set by the free market, while Democrats usually favor raising minimum wages. (Kenworthy) These are just a few of the similarities and differences between the Democrats and Republicans political philosophies.
In 2012 the Democrats and Republicans planks created two very different platforms. The Republicans took a stand as expected to be strong and out right in their stance on anti-homosexual marriage. The Republicans also proclaimed in their 2012 platform that it is urgent to establish a finance system based on competition and free market that encourages personal responsibility, and promotes the private sector to return to housing. (Peters) Democrats on the other hand, as expected took a liberal stance on homosexuality and announced they would continue to fight for their rights. President Obama was the first president to openly support homosexual marriage. Democrats also vouched to be more protective of the middle class by cutting taxes or at least not allowing their taxes to go up any higher. (Peters) These are just a few of the planks that make up the Democratic and Republican platforms.
I very strongly agree with the Republican plank that says it will fight against homosexual marriage. Marriage has been from the beginning of time, and will always be a union between one man and one woman. The purpose of marriage is to propagate and it is impossible for a homosexual couple to conceive a child without some other third party. This is a clear sign that homosexual marriage is completely unnatural. Often people try to argue that it is a sin or against the law of God, but I will not even make it a moral issue. All one need to do is look at some of the natural health consequences of living a...

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