Two More Apples Fall From The Tree

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"Ire. Get up. IRE GET UP!" My sister hits me with a pillow. 10 year old girls are fiesty. I get of the couch and go upstairs and get changed. I go back down stairs and my mom is making eggs. She never does this. Maybe she is just in a good mood. I sit down and read the comics. My favorite is Garfield. That cat is like a role model on how to look at life. Ha-ha. I make myself laugh. I look up as my mom bring the food over. "Eat up." I eat my eggs and pull my shoes on. Mom goes outside to heat up the car. I flip on the T.V. and go to Good Morning America talking about the top 5 resturants in the state. I get up to use the bathroom and when I get back I nearly have a heart attack. The headlines reads " Teenager Hangs Themselves Because Of Harrasment Over Sexuality." I keep watching desperatly looking for a thread of hope that it is not Marks. It isn't. Sigh of relief, but that doesn't change the fact that a person had to die because other people treated her like dirt. Her name was Margan Ermis. She was a sophmore in Milwaukee, WI not Seattle, Wa. The announcer said she came out as a bisexual in 8th grade and everyone told her she was doing it as a poularity stunt. After 3 years of self harm apparntley she had given up. I feel really bad for her family and friends, but the sick part. Kids from her school are at her funeral. Ones who caused this. I am freaking out. I rememeber Marks gave me his number so I text him. Fifteen minutes later and he still hasen't responded. Its time to go and I think my mom could tell I was paranoid. She asks if everything is o.k. and I say yes and that I just need to talk to my math scince teacher about something. Again, lies.

I jump out of the car and basically skip up the stairs. I swingg open the door. I am standing in the middle of the crowded hallway and I can't find Marks. I am still nervous, but I can't stand here all day. I go to my locker and start history class. I need to calm down. I ask Mrs. Darine to use the bathroom so I can splash some water in my face. As I amwetting my face with cold water I turn around to grab paper towel and dry off my hands. I see blood on the floor. I go over by the handi capped stall nad there are...

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