Two Most Important Health Care Issues Faced By Canadians

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Having a healthy body is everyone’s concern, because it is the foundation of a happy life. People’s health statuses are related to their own living habits, income levels, surrounding environment, and health care services and so on. As we learned in the lecture, the Canadian health care system was initiated in the middle of last century. It is developed to provide universal, accessible, portable, comprehensive and public administrated health care services to all Canadians (Goldner, et al, 2011, p240). After decades of growing and developing, Canadian health care system is more mature. Although it meets the demand for many essential health cares, nowadays it is challenged by some serious issues. I think the most important two are wait time and insufficient service for people with mental illnesses.
Why does wait time count as one most important issue? It is not rare to hear complaints about long wait time from families, friends or on the news. For example, a friend of mine had broken her arm and waited hours in the hospital before receiving treatment. She said that those hours might be the most painful and hopeless time she experienced. Long wait time does not only left patients in pain, it also cost patients economically. Another story was about my friend’s father who had nasal polyp, a disease that affects patient’s breath, olfaction, and sleep quality. It may also decrease patients’ productivity because every breath is uncomfortable and distracting. However, he needed to wait in line for around half of a year for the surgery in Canada. Therefore, he decided to go back to China for the surgery and returned within two weeks. Of course, he had to pay a significant amount of money for the flight ticket by himself. Wait time can cost patients psychologically. If a patient has a disease or injury but not receives treatment within the expected wait time, the patient’s pressure level may increase, and the patient may be too worried about his or her condition and become emotionally unstable. The negative emotion can influence cooperation among doctors and patients, raise trust issues, or lead to mental problems. Some patients may refuse to see the doctor if they have experienced long wait time several times, and miss the early diagnosis for some server diseases.
Long wait time does not only affect patients themselves but also their families, friends, and communities. Families and friends spend time consoling patients, taking care of them, and even struggling with them. They invest money and time to help patients, but good results may not be turned out. Families and friends’ lack of professional background may lead to unexpected consequences, such as, providing inappropriate treatment, ignoring signals of deterioration, or even endangering themselves in case of...

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