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Two Mystery Solving Monks Essay

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Father Brown and Brother Cadfael were two monks with very different crime solving techniques. Father Brown is a short and plump little monk who listening skills for surpass those of the wise old owl. He claims it is the result of listening to people confess their sins every day. On the other hand, Brother Cadfael is just an average monk who loves to garden as well as mentor younger wanna-be monks. Like Father Brown started his life ending up in bad situations but eventually when he was about forty somehow he found himself in the monastery. This honorable man does not solve crimes for the good and glory of himself, but instead for the well-being of others. Through their crime solving ...view middle of the document...

I altered your bill, and you paid it.” (G.K. Chesterton, The Blue Cross) Even though Brother Cadfael and Father Brown used different observational skills, they both worked and guided them through the mysteries.
Father Brown and Brother Cadfael also exchanged information with others differently. Father Brown hardly ever told people his thoughts until he had reached the answer to the puzzle his trying to solve. Often people don’t even know something evil is occurring until the monk tells them at the end. In contrast, Brother Cadfael exchanged much information which he knew at the time with people he needed to trust. He exchanged information with Sioned and many while in a hunt for the truth. Father Brown and Brother Cadfael both took information from others but in two very different ways.
Father Brown was once called a simpleton by Flambeau. This little monk was so good at keeping in the shadows and remaining inconspicuous that no one ever suspected him of being a master crime solver. On the flip side of the coin, Brother Cadfael was in the heat of the battle. He revealed himself as an ally, negotiator, spy, and peace maker. Brother Cadfael’s method as well Father Brown’s method brought them wisdom, new friendships, and more knowledge.
Father Brown and Brother Cadfael not only observed others differently, but also revealed themselves to others differently. Their crime...

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