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Two Of The Strongest Emotions A Person Can Feel

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Love and hate are two of the strongest emotion a person has for two seemingly very different reasons. These two emotions are classified as total opposites, but I believe that they are closer than one might expect even though they have very different connotations.
Love is classified as the stereotypical eccentric and bubbly emotion with a fairly positive connotation. When you feel love, you feel like you are walking on air and you don’t understand it but all you know is that you are feeling the quintessence of happiness. In a relationship, love makes you feel a oneness with another human being. You feel like you are the only two people in the world and nothing can break it apart. Love can do all these things but it's not all happy. When you feel love you can feel pain and sadness similar to that of hate. The chemical the body release as a result of love and affection is called Oxytocin. Oxytocin cause our bodies to feel pleasure but this isn't the only thing it does, it also lowers the levels of stress hormones in the body, reducing blood pressure and can even increase tolerance of pain and the speed at which wounds heal. One of the worst feelings you can have with the sadness of love is experiencing unrequited love. This is a common occurrence in many relationships. One person may feel for the other and the other just does not think they are the right match. Unrequited love is a major theme that is seem throughout media especially in the play "Midsummer Night's Dream" by Shakespeare. After Puck accidentally gives the love potion to Lysander and Demetrius and they both fall in love with Helena, Hermia feels a brief stint of unrequited love now that the man she loves, Lysander, is now in love with Helena and not her. Another example from Midsummer Night's Dream is Helena loving Demetrius, while Demetrius was still in love with Hermia. Unrequited love makes you feel a longing for this person you have made a connection with but it may also make you feel anger towards the love of your "crush". This is also seen in the play Midsummer Night's Dream when Helena challenges Helena to a fight after Helena becomes the receiver of Lysander's affection. Lost of a love one is another strong negative affect love can have. At the loss of a loved one a person feels a sense that something is missing, like a part of themselves has been stripped away. This feeling is known as grief and it is a natural part of life. Grieving can have a huge effect on your body. Grief is probably the worst feeling you can get with love because it deals with the severing of the tie of love. When this severing occurs our body subconsciously goes into a state of tense out of fear because the connection to others provides a sense of safety and security and when that is ended we feel a fear for our survival. When grieving you might feel a tightness in your stomach and your feel like your stomach is churning. This feeling is actually you body changing as an effect of grief. Grief makes...

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