Two Paths With The Same Destination

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Books are one of the first forms of entertainment. Used to capture history, educate as well as entertainment. Books are sold all over the world. Due to the popularity of electronic devices, books were thought to be fading into history along with 8 tracks, and VHS tapes. Nevertheless, there is still a need and demand for paper back books and when considering going green over antique. Both E Books and paper back books have the core elements in common; however, they each have their own quirks that make them more desirable to some and less to others. Each person must carefully weigh these quirks to see if it fits their personal preference, needs, and lifestyles before choosing paperback or and E Book.
The E Book and the paperback book look as though they are not related at all. The one the very picture one would recall if asked to picture a book and the other resembling a small computer. Nevertheless, they do share a few things in common such as bring you the same stories. The reader may find the identical books on whatever topic they want in both the E book and paperback books, including fiction and non fiction. Every story every written can now be found in both forms of the book. It also does not make a difference if you would like to read the material more than once, as both of these types of reading material can be reread over and over again. The reader can even make notes and highlight parts of the book needed for studying or just a passage that moved the reader. Even though these two types of reading material share some similarities, It is their differences that make the consumer choose one type of book over the other.
Paperback books have stood the test of times dating back to the Chinese scrolls. They have changed quite a bit in appearance as well as the way they are manufactured. Nevertheless, these books have a certain feel in the human hand that some book junkies cannot get enough of. For these readers their personal choice is based on a need for touch and smell. Those individuals often describe the high they feel from being able to flip the pages between their fingers. Others describe the intoxicating smell of the paper as they pick up a new book to read for the first time that put them in the mood for reading. For these individuals the E books are viewed as a cold and unnatural way of reading from their normal rituals of reading....

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