Two Sides Of Content Language Integrated Learning (Clil).

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CONTENT LANGUAGE INTEGRATED LEARNINGTABLE OF CONTENTSTable of Contents 2Introduction 3"Two sides of Content Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)" 4CLIL: On the bright side 4CLIL: On the negative side 5CLIL: Author's opinion 7Conclusions 8References 9Electronic References 9INTRODUCTIONIn 1994, a new approach similar to total immersion and content-based instruction was created by David Marsh and Anne Maljers, under the name of CLIL (Content Language Integrated Learning). As almost everything in life, this term has its supporters and detractors as some people believe that it is an excellent system for acquiring a second language, while others believe that it is a utopic and unreal idea. Much time has been spent and much ink has been used while discussing this opposite points of view, yet it seems that there is no agreement, and this topic needs further discussion. This is the reason of what in the following pages an essay called "Two sides of Content Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)" will take place. The aim of this paper it is to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of CLIL, under an investigative view whereas supporting the statements with information taken from texts and papers written by specialized authors and investigators who have discussed this tendency to great extent. After explaining the positive and negative side of CLIL, an opinion from this essay's author can be found, regarding how successful CLIL can be in different contexts, especially in hers. Finally, some conclusions are available for the reader in order to give to the discussion a rather subjective closure.Two sides of Content Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)"A mind once stretched by a new idea never regains its original dimensions"AnonymousCLIL: On the bright sideWhen some classes are being taught in the target language, the input that students receive it is very rich and intensive, helping them during the learning process in different ways. One of the most important features of CLIL is that the language is authentic, present in real situations, not in forced or isolated ones as in some English classes in which dialogues are modeled and rehearsed several times, or where texts are modified articles and not truly authentic materials. When learners have to face other subjects in English, they are somehow forced to read authentic texts. Besides, "they have the possibility to bring out-of-school life and experience into the classroom thanks to the use of CLIL" (Porcelli, 2011). Porcelli also claims that when using CLIL, learners are compelled to focus on what is said, not on how it is phrased (as is usually in English lessons) and also, they have to deal with terminologies, not just words but also complex expressions presented in meaningful contexts, which facilitates memorization, so the principle of CLIL "use as you learn and learn as you use" (Porcelli, 2011) it is really taking place. Porcelli also states another principle of this stream: "It is known that humans start...

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