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Two Significant Ethical Issues Relevant To The Dnp

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Confusion in Professional Titling
While development and expansion of advanced nurse practice is greeted with enthusiasm it does not necessarily fall short of ethical and policy issues surrounding the actual practice. Questions has been raised whether it is in order to refer advanced nurse practitioners prepared at doctorate level ( DNPs) as “doctors” particularly in healthcare setting. Schierhorn (2010) point out the sentiments made by Dr. Yasso, the vice president and chair of the American Osteopathic Association (AOA) Bureau of State Government Affairs that DNPs deliver necessary care to patients and help reduce effects of worsening physician shortage. However, many physicians and other ...view middle of the document...

To Nurses that is a question that present an ethical issue of political nature and it has nothing to do with quality of practice and safety of patient. Nurses have advocated not to practice on behalf of or under physician. An example of landmark achievement is allowing of DNPs to seek America board of comprehensives certification. However dilemma still exist and are questions arising whether nursing should utilize testing of medical knowledge as part of its new certification for doctors of nursing practice? (Mundinger, 2008).

Issues Already Encountered in Practice
In my institution majority of nurse doctors are in management and research. However there are some nurse practitioners who visit clinical departments frequently. Visiting therefore little discussion is initiated about the confusion between title and that of MDs by patients or other individuals. In many settings in health care multidisciplinary team members of MDs and other doctoral prepared clinicians take part in patient care. So far I have not heard one patient complaining that he/she did not know what kind of a doctor the clinician is. It is the tradition that all staffs introduce themselves to patient before giving care. This leave no room for confusion. It is also part of the institutions survey parameter. Just before or after discharge patients are surveyed to see whether all staffs and visiting clinicians satisfactorily introduced themselves. According to my department’s latest patient’s satisfaction survey, introduction and...

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