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Two Speeches, One Goal

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Women have been discriminated against without prevail repeatedly throughout time. Two speeches from history shed light on what women have faced and still have to endure today. These two speeches are “Women’s Rights are Human Rights” by Hillary Clinton and “On Women’s Right to Vote” by Susan B. Anthony. These two speeches, while being given in different time periods, focus mainly on the fact of gender discrimination and women’s rights as a human being.
These speeches were both given in a different eras and locations. Even though both differentiate from these two things, both are speaking for the same purpose, women’s rights. Susan B. Anthony was giving her speech in the U.S. about how unjust ...view middle of the document...

Mrs. Anthony then goes on to say that by doing this, the government is “a hateful oligarchy of sex” (Anthony). With this statement alone, it’s clear that she strongly supports the fact that women shouldn’t be denied anything other citizens get based on their gender. Mrs. Clinton also takes a powerful stand on the mistreatment of women based on the fact of their sex. Another thing Mrs. Clinton does during her speech is open the eyes of the audience to the brutality and the one-sided conditions that women face in the world today. These acts can affect a person’s mental and physical state and can sometimes lead to death. By strongly emphasizing that no person should have to endure this treatment and it's in fact, a violation to women’s rights as a human being.
Women being denied rights and opportunities every human should get is something Mrs. Clinton makes quite clear in her speech. Thinking that still today women aren't given the same opportunities, receive unjust treatment in legal factors and are still being abused without any action against it. Discriminating against someone for their anatomy of their body is...

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